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Managing Fertility Naturally

Managing Fertility Naturally

Medical tests cannot explain why around 20-25% of infertile couples cannot conceive their own child.

However, research has shown that unexplained infertility may be associated with stress, toxins in the body, nutritional deficiencies, immune reactions or inflammation.

Many couples who have tried to conceive unsuccessfully for over a year are told that their infertility has an unknown cause by their medical specialists. Perhaps this explains why many natural therapists are successfully assisting couples who have fertility problems to conceive healthy babies.

Pre-conception health is important for every couple. It takes 3-6 months to ensure the healthiest start to your baby. If you have not conceived within 6-12 months you could be part of the one in seven couples who experience fertility problems. Pre-conception care can more than double your chances of conceiving and having a healthy baby, and if used alongside an IVF program can increase their chances by 41%.


Nutritional deficiencies can affect fertility status in both men and women. Many cases of unexplained infertility respond well to natural remedies and correcting nutritional imbalances.

There is a connection between adequate nutrition and adequate functioning of the fertility cycle. Hormones that are necessary for normal processes are produced by the body and need certain nutrients for production and proper function; fertility hormones included.

A healthy pre-conception diet has also been shown to lead to children who have well balanced emotions, freedom from mental retardation, freedom from allergic response, advance development and well formed skulls.

Herbal medicines are often prescribed during this time and can often assist with one or all of the following:-

  1. Normalizing hormone function in both partners

  2. Nourishing and toning the reproductive organs for the woman

  3. Reducing stress and relaxing the nervous system

  4. Balancing sexual desire

How Stress Affects Conception

When we are under stress, our body releases hormones including adrenalin and cortisol as if we were in danger and in need of a fight or flight response. A continued flush of stress hormones tells our body that it’s not a safe time to create a baby. Cortisol has a direct impact on our reproductive system; If the stress response is activated often the body has little time to return to normal, resulting continued and prolonged levels of cortisol associated with chronic stress. Chronic stress has been shown to impair cognitive function, suppress hormone function, suppress immunity and inflammatory response, suppress or delay ovulation, interfere with implantation of fertilised ovum and reduce sperm count.

By taking herbs in a program that includes good nutrition and a stress free healthy lifestyle, there is an increased chance of conceiving and a reduced risk of miscarriage. Both partners are usually treated at the same time in a pre-conception period to ensure the healthiest baby possible.

Want to know more?

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