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Linda Krick

Bachelor Natural Therapies DBM.

Medical Herbalist with a Bachelor degree in Natural Therapies.
Practitioner of Herbal Medicine.

ATMS Member. DBM, B.Nat.Therapies

Available for appointments Mon - Fri

Call 0412 208 982 to book




Linda uses naturopathic herbal treatments, nutritional supplements and dietary and lifestyle advice to heal and manage illness, or to maintain good health.

  • Allergies

  • Food intolerances and digestive issues

  • Natural Fertility (including pre-conception care, natural fertility management)

  • Peri-natal care (pregnancy health and post-natal care)

  • Stress and immune related conditions

  • Acute colds and flu’s.

  • Children's Health  - usually acute and short consultation to bring a child’s health back into balance and keep it there.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Meet Linda

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Linda Krick is an experienced medical herbalist in Bookvale, (Sydney) with a Diploma in Botanical Medicine and a Bachelor of Natural Therapies. She has been a lecturer of Herbal Therapeutics and Clinical Practice at NatureCare College, and mentor to graduate naturopaths.


As a practitioner Linda takes a simple approach to your health, wellness and nutrition. She will work with you to find achievable, sustainable solutions to build and maintain optimal health. 

Natural Health Solutions
Linda offers comprehensive health solutions for a wide range of conditions.
These are based on diet, lifestyle, herbal and nutritional medicines


And genetic testing for parasites, food intolerances and hormones
For food allergies & sensitivities, gluten & dairy intolerance, candida, vegan, weight
Providing a wide range of formulated herbal medicines and  nutritional suppliments


An initial consultation normally takes about an hour to an hour and half. During this time questions are asked about your condition, medical history, diet and lifestyle and any conventional treatments that you may be taking. If needed, pathology testing such as hair, stool, or blood analysis may be recommended.


Once all of the information is gathered, a treatment plan is formulated that addresses all areas of your life, providing the body with the optimum chance to heal itself. The treatment plan may include advice on dietary and/or lifestyle changes, exercise, herbal medicine, nutritional supplements or other remedies.

To inquire or book contact Linda PH: 0412 208 982

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