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Female Hypnotherapy Patient


Hypnosis is often referred to as the fast track therapy as it gets you the results you want in the shortest time. Most single issues are improved in the first session and often resolved in 3-6 sessions. 

 If you are:

  • experiencing self-sabotaging behaviour?

  • feeling anxious, in pain, blocked or stuck?

  • feeling as if something is not quite right?

  • despite your best efforts it’s still not working?

 You’ve come to the right place. Hypnosis utilises the power of the sub-conscious mind to break through all these issues.

Hypnosis harnesses the power of your subconscious mind to eliminate limiting beliefs and obstacles to success.

What can Hypnosis help with?

Nervous system / emotional: stress, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, panic attacks, PTSD and trauma -based issues, nervous tension, insomnia, stuttering, fears & phobias and most nervous-based behaviour.

Habits/ compulsions / addictions: quit smoking, quit or moderate drinking, gambling, nail biting, thumb sucking, skin-picking or biting, hair pulling, over-eating, or compulsive eating, sugar addiction.

Physical: Natural fertility and childbirth, pain control, promote healing, improve chronic health conditions, IBS, assist body to fight cancer or manage chronic illness, improve immune function, improve stress- related physical ailments or health fears & phobia’s.

Self improvement: improve self-confidence, relationships, childhood wounds, coping with life transitions, public speaking, memory retention, focus, concentration, learn self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques, personal and business coaching.

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How does it work?

Thoughts produce feelings which are transmitted to the body, thus creating a physical experience and a connected belief in the mind, which when repeated over time form a habit, characteristic or attitude.

These learnt habits of thinking (attitudes), feeling (moods), and doing can be reversed or moderated.

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