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Can Hypnosis get you pregnant?

Are you wanting to fall pregnant?

Looking for natural Fertility options?

Trying for a baby but no luck?

Hypnosis is well known for helping people quit smoking, relieve pain, soothe anxiety or treat a phobia…but can hypnosis really get you pregnant?

Fertility hypnosis improves natural fertility and increases your chance of becoming pregnant in two ways, explains Heather Greer, a local Clinical Hypnotherapist and natural birthing expert:

  1. It reduces stress which improves the natural fertility cycle, conception and implantation process leading to a successful pregnancy

  2. Removes subconscious blockages, negative beliefs and unhelpful mental programming which interfere with a successful pregnancy.

Preconception health care such as improving diet and decreasing stress is known to increase your chances of falling pregnant by up to 42% and increase the health of you and your baby. Whilst researchers claim hypnosis doubles the success of IVF treatment. A recent study by Israeli researchers at Saroka University who were looking to see if hypnosis could help women relax and therefore make the embryo transfer more successful, found that out of 185 women, 28% in the group who were hypnotised became pregnant, compared with 14% of those who were not. This result was attributed to the fact that the womb can often contract during this stage, reducing the chance of successful embryo transfer.

Unresolved issues can subconsciously adversely affect fertility, conception and pregnancy. Money worries, anxiety about the birth process, doubt about your parenting ability are common fears which block a successful pregnancy outcome. Deeper issues such as chronic anxiety, sexual abuse or trauma can cause the body to be constantly on guard and looking for danger. This overstimulates the nervous system and leads to a variety of stress related symptoms, including unexplained infertility. Unexplained infertility meaning there is no medical explanation, accounts for 10-26% of all infertile couples.

“We see women wanting to fall pregnant every day some with delayed fertility lasting 6 months or more and the majority of issues relate to stress”. says Heather, who specialises in natural fertility, pregnancy and birth. “Stress is known to interfere with or completely stop the fertility cycle, and adversely affect sperm production. It also affects the hypothalamus which assists the production and flow of beneficial hormones in the body”

Heather regularly teaches self hypnosis to her clients, she states “hypnotherapy will reduce stress and when self hypnosis is practices at home the benefits are increased”.   Fertility hypnosis is usually successful in 4-6 sessions and can be used alone or alongside IVF. Heather has a private practice at the Lotus Centre in Brookvale, and works alongside a team of natural therapy experts including a naturopath, and a midwife.

For more information about hypnosis or any other fertility, pregnancy or birth therapies call 80076380 or go to

Heather Greer is a RN, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness-based Psychotherapist, Yoga Therapist and mum. Her natural therapy business specialising in pregnancy and birthing has been helping women for the past 12 years.

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