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Reflexology for Pre-conception & Peri-Natal Care

Reflexology for Preconception, Fertility, Pregnancy and Postnatal care

Whether you have just begun to consider having a baby or have been struggling to conceive for some time either naturally or through IVF, reflexology can offer you plentiful benefits. If you are pregnant and past the first trimester reflexology can provide a comfortable and natural solution to the common pregnancy ailments such as nausea, constipation, fatigue and fluid retention at a time when medication is generally not advised. As a modality it is often championed by midwifes to induce labour naturally and remains of benefit after baby has arrived as your body begins a new period of adjustment.

Fertility and Pre-Conception Reflexology

1 in 6 Australian couples are impacted by infertility.

Infertility can affect both men and women and whether there is a specific reason or if the exact cause is not known it can be an immensely stressful time for any couple. Reflexology takes a holistic approach in dealing with fertility issues and can help by:

  1. Regulating the menstrual cycle

  2. Clearing hormonal imbalances

  3. Decreasing stress and anxiety levels

  4. Aiding the healthy production of sperm or ova

  5. Supporting assisted conception i.e. IVF

  6. Encouraging the body to detox

  7. Promoting a healthier immune response

  8. Treating conditions that impact fertility such as PCOS, endometriosis and fibroids

  9. Balancing all bodily systems to create optimum conditions for conception

The Association of Reflexologists states that ‘on average 50 % of clients seeking help through reflexology for infertility find themselves pregnant within the first 6 months of commencing treatment’ (

Reflexology can be of great support for couples going through IVF and can increase their chances of pregnancy in the first cycle, avoiding the emotional and financial turmoil of multiple transfers. It can also offer a much needed break from the drugs and hormones associated with assisted conception treatments balancing the body’s systems and allowing your body and mind some space to naturally heal itself.

Reflexology for pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very special time in a woman’s life but can also be a physically and emotionally exhausting as hormonal changes occur quickly and dramatically as your body adjusts to support your unborn child completely. Reflexology can help to restore balance and give relief from the most common pregnancy woes such as:

  1. Morning sickness

  2. Constipation

  3. Oedema

  4. Blood pressure regulation

  5. Backache

  6. Haemorrhoids

  7. Insomnia

  8. Digestive upsets

  9. Kidney complaints

  10. Stress and anxiety

UK bases obstetrician Dr.Gowri Motha conducted a study on the effects of reflexology during pregnancy and the results indicated that while the standard rate of induction was 21%, patients having 9 or more reflexology treatments had reduced the rate by 70 % to only 6.5%. It was also proven to reduce labour times by 4-6 hours, to decrease the need for pain relief and resulted in more settled babies who breastfed easier.

Many women who are overdue turn to reflexology for a natural solution. It is only after the 37th week that it is safe to stimulate certain endocrine and reproductive reflexes in preparation for labour. Work on the pituitary gland can boost the production of oxytocin ensuring that every contraction is productive leading to shorter labour times and as a result less pain relief is required.

Reflexology and post-natal care

After baby is born your body must adjust again and it is an important time to remember to think of yourself also. Reflexology can be beneficial in balancing the endocrine (hormonal) system which has been working so hard for the past 9 months. It can assist in a speedier recovery for the new mother whether it has been a natural birth or through Cesarean section. It can also help with:

  1. Stimulating milk production

  2. Help return the menstrual cycle to normal

  3. Reduce symptoms of post-natal depression

Even though Reflexology is a safe and non-invasive therapy there are some instances where it is contraindicated such as where there is a history of miscarriage, DVT, high blood pressure and pre-eclampsia and where there are no complications it is still advisable to let your primary carer know that you wish to receive reflexology treatments.

Reflexology is a wonderful modality which can harmonise body and mind and induce a deep relaxation for those trying to conceive and for expectant mothers. It offers a chance for you to relax and touch base with yourself and a time out from the everyday stresses of life. If you would like to book a treatment or to simply find out more I would love to hear from you.

FREE 30 min treatment Tues 2nd June. Phone Gemma: 0420 237342

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