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Marie Horvath

Career Counsellor and Art Therapist

Master of Art Therapy,

Grad Cert. in Education (Career Development)

Morrisby Profile - Certified administrator

Career Development Association of Australia

Career Industry Council of Australia

Australian Counselling Association

The Australian, New Zealand and Asian Creative Arts Therapies Association

PH: 0412 272 363




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About Marie:

Marie is a professionally qualified Career Counsellor & Art Therapist passionate about positive psychology, life design and taking a solution focused approach to living more purposeful, emotionally and physically healthy life. She is an empathetic listener and offers a safe space where she helps clients navigate the challenges associated with changing their careers and lives.

Marie has had over 11 years of experience coaching and counselling adults and youth. She cofounded Teen Connect Gavel Club, a public speaking group for teenagers on the Northern Beaches. Marie has had a broad range of industry experience, worked with clients at Asylum Seekers Centre, Dress for Success, Habitat for Humanity Australia and in her own business, Career Development Space. This experience involved working with diverse age and cultural groups meaning that she can offer alternative perspectives and new possibilities to explore.

She had worked with children, adolescents and adults at Royal Prince Alfred hospital within the Arterie Program, offering art making activities to patients, staff and visitors to the hospital. Marie is a strong advocate for living a balanced life and maintaining self-care practices. She has developed and facilitated therapeutic “Art for Wellbeing” workshops, which she has delivered to corporate clients and small groups at the Lotus Centre.

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Career Counselling

Assisting and supporting clients who are looking to change their career/life, re-enter the workforce or investigate study options.

In my practice, I offer Morrisby career assessments and combine Career Counselling tools with creative activities to help you:

· Re-establish your sense of identity

· Gain a better understanding of your natural abilities, strengths and transferrable skills

· Clarify goals

· Find purpose

· Identify obstacles and explore solutions

· Increase confidence

· Feel more empowered

· Write a Resumé, Cover letter and prepare for interviews

I deliver a personalised service, working with you to explore career options and reduce the anxiety associated with changing your life. Though encouragement, support and expertise, I can help you transition into a new career/life where you will thrive.

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