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Taking the stress out of the festive season

5 ways to survive the silly season

It’s silly season again and you may have begun to feel overwhelmed at the thought of it. Christmas can also be a time of high family stress for many reasons. Some of these include added financial pressure, stressful family dynamics, socially imposed expectations and even loneliness. It can be great seeing the extended family again, and it also can be stressful. Family patterns are powerful and they can bring up unresolved issues.

1 Plan ahead.

Leaving all your preparations for Christmas until the last minute can cause unnecessary stress, but planning ahead can save you time, money and stress. Making lists for jobs to do or present to buy and groceries you’ll need helps to organise your thoughts, prevents you forgetting something (or someone) and makes it easier to stick to a budget. Shopping online can save you money, as well as avoiding the stress and crowds of the Christmas shopping season.

2 Take care of yourself

  1. Keep hydrated with plenty of water    

  1. Drink alcohol sensibly

  2. Eat healthy fun foods

  3. Stay active

  4. Sleep well

  5. Relax or Meditate

  6. Try Bach or Bush Flower Remedies

  7. Have a massage or energy balancing treatment

3 Make time for things that matter.

Avoid over-committing.  Prioritize your commitments and responsibilities to others, putting the things that matter most first. Whether you enjoy spending quality time with your friends and family, buying presents, cooking Christmas dinner, or planning an awesome New Year’s Eve party- plan something that makes you happy too.

4 Try and keep the Christmas spirit in mind — even if you don’t celebrate it.

Research also shows that by giving to others — such as making a donation to charity or to your church — makes people feel better. Helping others is good for your own mental health and well-being. It can help reduce stress, improve your mood, increase self-esteem and happiness and even benefit your physical health.

5 Don’t sweat the small stuff.

So what if the presents aren’t wrapped perfectly? So what if the turkey is dry (or burnt!)? So what if you forgot to pack your nice shirt or the shoes that match your dress?

We spend an inordinate amount of time — especially around the holidays — stressing about small details while missing the bigger picture. Pick the ones you want to really expend that energy on. Believe it or not — you have a choice about what you let affect you.

Bigger issues: Heather can help you choose and manage your thoughts, feelings and emotions with hypnosis, and mindfulness- based therapy. If you are worried about family patterns triggering unresolved issues so you feel like a child again – book an appointment with Heather.

Remember the reason you’re making the trip, visiting with family, or taking time off of work. It’s not to stress out; it’s to share in quality time with your fellow human beings.

Try a FREE Bach Flower remedy (worth $25)  with a 1hr de-stress and chakra balance appointment OR every new Hypnotherapy, or Mindfulness-based psychotherapy consultation booked in December & January. Call Heather on 0405 821 880 to inquire or book.

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