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Wielding your secret power during a pandemic

You have a secret power. It’s true.

No, you’re not a mutant, but like lasers from your eyes, you do have the power to grow the things you look at.

That secret power is called focused attention. And while the things you look at may not physically grow, they 100% do grow in your mind. If you’re always looking at your flaws in the mirror they become larger until that’s all you notice. If you’re always looking at what’s wrong with your life, that sense of helplessness grows. What you place your attention on is one of the most important things in your life.

The problem is that for most of us, what we pay attention to tends to happen automatically. That’s why in Transformational Hypnotherapy I help my clients to change their internal scripts and change their lives in a positive way.

I’d like to share some exercises that you can start doing straight away to hack your attention and reduce any anxiety you’re experiencing in these challenging times.

At the end of your day or whenever you’re feeling troubled, pause, close your eyes. Take 3 deep breaths hold for a few seconds and slowly release the breath while imagining all anxiety and tension flowing out from you. Now think about a warm memory. It might be a special celebration, a puppy that you had, a relaxing holiday, or a special time of closeness with a loved one.

But don’t just think of it, really allow yourself to flow into the memory and immerse yourself in it. Really hear the sounds, lose yourself in this special moment and enjoy it. As you come back, find a way to express gratefulness for that memory – even if it’s just a quiet thank you.

Arm yourself with a number of these warm memories to bring into action whenever you need them. As you do this, your mind will grow the warmth and comfort from those memories and help you stay positive.

To find out more about how Transformational Hypnotherapy can help you, jump on the free Zoom brief group session for anxiety. Contact Cheryll Olmos for more information.

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