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New Kinesiologist – Kirsten joins our team

Welcome, my name is Kirsten Rennie, I am thrilled to be joining the team at the Lotus Centre Brookvale.

I practise Kinesiology and Mind Body Medicine – both modalities address health issues by looking at the person as a whole and the mind body connection.

My purpose is to help people regain health and balance on all these 3 levels  – emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Do you feel

  1. Your body is letting you down

  2. Not sick but not quite right either (like something’s off beat)

  3. Stressed or anxious

  4. Pain and symptoms won’t go away

  5. Spiritually bankrupt, or like you have lost the zest for life

  6. You need help with sexuality, intimacy or sex issue

If you have answered yes to any of these points I would love to help you

A little bit about me.. I have also shared my own healing journey with you at the end of this article!

On a personal note…

I live in Queenscliff and love starting my day with a swim or watching the sunrise – peppermint tea in hand!

I love nature, exploring my own spirituality, and I have always been fascinated by how the body works.

I have a horse called Xaar who is pretty much my fur-baby, he is cheeky yet adorable.  He keeps me grounded and balanced both personally and professionally.

As a practitioner….

My approach to health is fun, simple, educational and empowering.  I often here the comment “you make me feel instantly comfortable”

I am trained in Western Science and Eastern Medicine and love sharing inside tips with my clients on how they can get the most from their bodies with the least amount of effort.

I am passionate about showing my clients how their inner world (thoughts, beliefs and emotions) affects how their body feels and functions.

I specialise in stress and anxiety, re-occurring pain and symptoms, feeling stuck in a rut, spiritual journey, old emotional hurts and sexual and intimacy issues.

The body holds valuable wisdom to keep us healthy and happy.

Sometimes through illness, stress, and trauma (physical or emotional) we temporarily loose connection with our body’s wisdom.

As a practitioner it is my job to help you to re-connect with your body’s wisdom.

We are supposed to thrive not just survive.

How do I work?

I work intuitively and address the mind and body simultaneously within each session.

I use counselling to engage the mind, and various body techniques to release stress from the body such as: acupressure, focusing techniques, nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine and energy medicine.

All aspects of an issue will be addressed, including diet and nutrition, exercise, lifestyle choices, emotions, including thoughts and beliefs surrounding the issue.  The order in which these aspects are addressed vary to suit the individual.

Small amounts of ‘homework’ may be given between appointments to support the work we have done in session.

Generally, 4-6 sessions are required however, sometimes this may be shorter or longer depending on the nature of this issue.

“Kirsten loves sharing her knowledge and insights on emotional, spiritual and physical health and will be holding regular talks and workshops at the Lotus Centre Brookvale”.

Should you have any questions or would like to book an appointment please call me on 0410 337 055

My healing experience…

Growing up I had health issues of my own and when I could not get the answers I needed to heal I quickly became disillusioned with the medical system.

I felt that no one was looking at me as a whole person – Doctors would treat my body’s symptoms, counsellors would treat my mind yet neither showed me how the 2 were linked.

I kept feeling my body was letting me down, and didn’t quiet understand that the ‘junk’ in my head was driving my symptoms.

On some level I guess I innately knew my mind and body were connected because the worse I felt emotionally the more my symptoms would play up.

Thank goodness for this limited experience as it sent me on a mission to find my own answers.

Years later I came across Kinesiology in an article and nearly kissed the magazine when I discovered Kinesiologist’s look at the mind body connection when addressing health issues.  They actually take it one step further and acknowledge the spiritual (inner knowing) aspect of a person, this sealed the deal for me.  After achieving great health results by working with a Kinesiologist I decided this was the starting point for my career in natural health.

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