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Is there really SEX after 40?

Intimacy, relationships and feeling hot without the flush!

Do we sexpire after 40? Is there a certain age we reach and suddenly hot, intimate uninhibited sex is but a distant memory. Or are you yet to experience the carnal highs that come (sic) with great sex.

Sex throughout our lifespan is an intricate and challenging phenomenon. It can be awful, amazing, awkward, hilarious, and incredibly intimate, satisfying and terrifying. Add to this ageing bodies, physiological changes, relationship stressors and health and it can be overwhelming and reduce our libidos.

There are many factors that impact on how we relate intimately to others and to our selves.   

On April Fools night I will be discussing sex and intimacy.  I promise not to play any inappropriate jokes! The discussion aims to be informative, non-stigmatising, frank and useful. My aim is to give you some ideas to take away and consider and to generate opportunities to have a sexually intimate relationship that you feel good about. I will be discussing current research around sex during this life stage (40 and beyond). What’s normal, what are other people doing, how are they having great sex after being with the same lover for twenty + years.  In fact, how are they having great sex when physically, some of the machinery coughs and splutters and doesn’t quite seem as capable as it once was.

Finally I’ll be revealing the rarely discussed yet most sensitive erogenous zone that enables great sex.

So leave your inhibitions at home and come along to a fun night about feeling good about yourself, your body and sex!

Everyone welcome. Refreshments provided.

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