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Why do my legs hurt in bed at night particularly my knees ?


Thanks for your question Fiona. There could be many possible reasons for this leg pain and to answer this specifically you would need a professional consultation. Its definitely worth investigating this further and any pain really needs to be investigated by a Dr first to exclude any physical problems such as osteoarthritis, nerve, muscle, bone or circulation issues, as well as potential hormonal changes.

Usually we’d ask more questions about the symptoms such as; when do you notice it, where specifically, type of pain, duration etc. to give us more clues as to a physical cause. Then we’d inquire as to any changes happening recently or pre-existing health conditions. Also what your daily routine is (including exercise) in case you’re doing too much, and generally inquire as to what else is happening in your life at this time.

Naturally a TENS machine could help relieve pain as may a good mattress and pillow between the knees.


On this level Knee problems may indicate problems with flexibility, feeling stuck, and in fear about your perceived future. Louise Hay also suggests that Knees represent Pride and the Ego. The legs represent our ability to carry us and move forward.  Every time we go to move forward in Life or approach change, we approach the unknown and we may feel vulnerable or unsure. We may stand still, stiff kneed resisting the winds of change. Yet what you resist, persists.

You receive a 50% off voucher for asking this question to use with a practitioner at the Lotus Centre. We recommend Linda krick medical Herbalist, a lovely soothing remedial or relaxing massage with Jayne or energy healing session.

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