Jayne Burns-Milostic – Massage Therapist & Healer


Diploma of Health Sciences – Remedial Massage
Certificate of Sacred Stone Healing
Reiki level 1 and 2
Diploma of Crystal Healing 
Crystal Shamanism L1 and L2
Teacher of Crystal Awakening
Teacher of Crystal Shamanism 
Certificate of Siriun Alchemy L1 (Goddess Isis)
Certificate of Siriun Alchemy L2 (Goddess Sekhmet)
Certificate of Functional Release therapy


PH: 0422 902 332

E: [email protected]




About Jayne

Jayne has been working in the area of healing for the last 15 years, beginning her career as a passionate remedial massage therapist.
Soon after qualifying Jayne also became attuned to Reiki energy and began combining Remedial Massage with Energetic Healing.
Studies in healing with Earth medicine followed with Sacred Stone Healing and Crystal Healing and Jayne witnessed the transformation and deep healing available to people using these amazing gifts from the Earth.

Jayne is very passionate about helping her clients on their healing journey and will design a personal treatment to suit their specific needs and assist them heal on not just a physical level but also an energetic and spiritual level.

Jayne offers a range of therapies:

Massage Therapy

Jayne is trained in Remedial Massage, and Sports massage, incorporating deep tissue and connective tissue massage for injury management and prevention. As well as softer techniques used in Pregnancy massage, Relaxation or Swedish massage using relaxing oils and including Energy Healing if desired.

Reiki, Spiritual Healing & Energetic Healing

Jayne is trained in several forms of Energy Healing including Reiki, Sacred Stone Healing, and Crystal Healing. Last year Jayne was attuned to two beautiful Egyptian Goddess energies and is excited to offer this gentle but deep healing energy to clients who would benefit from working with Goddess Energy.

Crystal Awakening Healing

Crystals have been used throughout all of history as a source of healing power. Ancient cultures all over the world used healing crystals and stones to align, clear and transform their energy. Crystal healing promotes well being of the mind, body and spirit, creating balance and transformation. Crystals are tangible, physical forms that have unique and powerful vibrations that act as mirrors to help us to heal. When you wear crystals close to the skin or place them in your environment, the energy continues to connect with you throughout the day.  With every thought and intention, these crystals pick up on your unique vibrational energy and amplify the positive vibes that you’re cultivating.

Crystal Shamanism

Shamans work with the medicines of the earth – crystals, animal spirit guides, trees, and plants. Shamans can journey to the Upper World – the dimension of angels, ascended masters, spirit guides and light beings. Shamanic journey can also delve deep into the Lower, or Inner World, which is where our animal spirit totems reside, and the wisdom of our ancestors is held. Discover, connect and align with your animal spirit guide and the crystals of the Earth, allowing you to be supported, loved and guided in your journey here on the Earth.


Workshops and Training

Last year Jayne was invited to become a teacher for The Academy of Crystal Awakening in Crystal Awakening and Crystal Shamanism and will be offering workshops in these amazing modalities inviting you to awaken the healer within.

Jayne is a passionate healer, who makes you feel your worthyness. She is powerful and committed to elevating you to your highest potential. Jayne welcomes you with an open heart and mind. I always feel safe and look forward to sharing sacred space with her again soon 💗 Kerry Flint

A massage from Jayne not only relieves the body but also pent up emotions. I then had the energy to heal 💫💕 Nicola McMahon
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