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Ask the expert: Your chance to ask a question to our health & wellness panel

Ask the expert

Have you ever wanted to ask an expert a question about health and wellness? Here’s your chance.

We have a panel of experts;

  1. Counsellors

  2. Hypnotherapists

  3. Life Coaches

  4. Naturopath

  5. Medical herbalist

  6. Energy healers

  7. Massage Therapist

Please ask us a question and we will direct it to our panel of experts. For example

QUESTION: “My husband did Quit smoking hypnosis (elsewhere is Sydney) and stopped for 6 weeks but then started again – why is this” Celeste Elanora

ANSWER: Heather Clinical Hypnotherapist

This is a common problem with Hypnotherapists that offer one session and promise you’ll quit for life. That one session isn’t thorough enough to deal with the complexity of smoking addiction. The smoker needs to address all triggers, all associations and all perceived benefits in order to let it go easily. Getting someone to quit using hypnosis is the easy part, helping someone stay quit is where the clinical expertise is. When you address all the underlying issues; quitting is relatively effortless to sustain as you realise there is nothing to crave, and nothing to miss

For more info on Quit Smoking Hypnosis  click HERE

Heather Cavill Greer

Heather is a full time Clinical hypnotherapist and Mindfulness-based Therapist at the Lotus Centre. Quit Smoking usually takes 3 session to fully address all associated issues.

QUESTION: Seems like everyone has a cough or cold at the moment how can I protect myself from catching it?” Helen Balgowlah

ANSWER: Linda Krick Medical Herbalist says

The best prevention is avoiding crowds or confined spaces, minimise air conditioned rooms and get fresh air – take a walk. Apply good hand washing practices, asking sick colleagues to keep away from the workplace and avoid spreading disease with good hygiene principles,  if feeling run down don’t solider on take a rest, stress as it weakens the immune system. Avoid foods that weaken the immune system such as refined sugar, highly processed, and fried foods. See a naturopath for a tailor made prevention plan or specific supplements

Linda Krick is a Medical Herbalist at the Lotus Centre. Available Mon- Sat for appointments or drop in for advice on natural herbs, supplements or remedies.

Thanks for your questions – each person receives a 50% off voucher for asking our panel of experts.

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