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Winter-proof your family’s health – building immune resilience

Fed up of getting sick or having to take time off to look after sick family members?

Do you want to break the cycle of re-occurring colds and flu this winter?

Does your family need better immune resilience?

Find out:

  1. The factors effecting immune health

  2. what you can do to help prevent colds and flu

  3. What you can do to minimise discomfort & speed recovery if you do get sick

  4. What remedies really work

Hear Linda Krick – Medical Herbalist speak about ways to boost your natural immunity to protect your family through winter and beyond.

When? Weds 4th May 7.30pm start at the Lotus Centre

FREE Tickets: you must reserve your seat via eventbright ticket link.

Refreshments provided.

Parking & Transport? Free 1 hr on street parking is available or 3 hour free parking at the nearby Warringah Mall.  Public transportation is available – alight at Warringah Mall.

Need more info? Contact Lotus Centre – 02 8007 6380

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