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What’s the secret to success?

As a business owner and coach I’m often asked by new practitioners “What do I need to do to succeed?”

Of course you need to be good at what you do, but there’s many people who are fantastic practitioners yet struggle to earn enough income. Why is that? Practitioners need to consistently have the right mindset, and be good at business as well as their chosen field.

Luckily other’s have researched and compiled the date and here’s what it takes to succeed:

Business owners who are successful have developed personal attitudes and characteristics that are reflected in their business:

They have a positive mindset and are not afraid of failure instead they learn from their mistakes. 

They are committed to their goals and flexible in their approach.

They are patient and persistent.

They are willing to invest in themselves and their business.

Wantrepreneurs are full of ideas and dreams. Entrepreneurs are action takers.

Successful businesses owners have developed support systems that help them grow. 

In the well-being and therapy business this translates as well structured support systems that relieves practitioners from many day to day routine activities. This gives practitioners more time to see clients, maintain their business and do what you love. These are some of the most sort after supports:

  1. Phone answering service when you’re busy or with clients

  2. Efficient and reliable client booking service

  3. Office support

  4. Implementation of ongoing marketing strategies

  5. Effective time efficient bookkeeping programs

  6. Reliable referral systems

Successful businesses are visible and known in the community.

Poor location is a disadvantage that might be too much to overcome. If your business relies on word of mouth, visibility and location is a strategic necessity. Working from home may save you money in the short term but cost you clients in the long run. Most professional practitioners value the support gained from aligning with a successful well established business. They view their associates and location as their most valuable asset and resource.

Successful businesses make plans and set effective marketing goals

Their plan includes personal and business goals, and have set out specific time lines and strategies to achieve them. They include good cost effective marketing, with a solid web presence, reliable referral systems, that help your business stay competitive while getting more potential customers interested in your products and services.The lack of an effective business plan will kill your business before you ever get off the ground.

Understand their unique qualities and skills – So you’ve studied hard, invested much time and money in your qualification and now you want to share your skills to help others. You’re offering a great service or product, so how will you avoid getting lost among the competition. What sets your business apart from other practitioners? What makes you or your business unique?

Are focused and  accountable –  Many businesses fail because people treat them like hobbies. From day one treat your business as a business and yourself as an employee.  Even if you only plan to work part time, set measurable goals and hold yourself accountable. If you are only willing to put in a few hours a week ad hoc, expect to get a few hours a week of ad hoc income.

Surround yourself with other successful people. You will get great idea’s, you’ll learn from others and receive the best feedback from fellow business owners. The best kind of peer group is where your business is the newest or smallest business. When you are the smallest you will be pushed harder to catch up to the others in your group.  Connecting with mentors and networking with peers helps you discover what it takes to flourish.

Be patient and give it time. Ideas are fast, but making them happen will take time. Even if all goes well, almost everything you do in business will take longer than expected.

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realise how close they were to success when they gave up.” Thomas Edison

If you’re looking to start or grow your wellness or therapy business book an appointment with Heather on 0405821880

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