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The Sacred Garden – Our Subconscious Mind

From the ancient writings in humanity’s oldest texts, the Vedas, to modern psychology, the subconscious mind holds to the key to understanding the nature of our true being.

This Sacred Garden located within each of us, provides a portal to connect with our own source energy – and also presents the possibilty to connect with all other beings.  The subconscious holds a profound mystery:

–  that is whispered to us through the images and events of our dreams; –  that is felt when we respond to our deepest fears and negative programs; –  that is clouded from view as life-long doubts and limitations tell us that we ‘cannot’ be, do, or have.

There is a way that the Sacred Garden of our subconscious mind can be accessed and experienced.  There is a way that we can walk the paths of the Sacred Garden within and root out the weeds – which are the negative subconscious prompters planted during childhood.  There is a way that we can visit this Sacred Garden and reprogram limitations, doubts and fears.  These things can be achieved using appropriately designed guided meditation.

If you wish to gain insight into guided meditation practices and the workings of the subconscious mind;

If you wish to understand expansive self-empowering techniques to reprogram or remove debilitating doubts and fears;

If you wish to create a personal mental space where you no longer react to negative situations; and,

If you think meditation is hard – or believe you cannot meditate…

The forth-coming illuminated talk and demonstration ‘The Sacred Garden – Our Subconscious Mind’ presented by Leslie Kingsley at the Lotus Centre is definitely for you.

The talk will explore the following:

  1. The subconscious mind as understood & described by the ancient sages

  2. The subconscious mind in psychology

  3. Different states of consciousness

  4. The subconscious mind as explained in Biblical Parables

  5. Approaching the subconscious mind through guided meditation

  6. The Divine Mystery within the subconscious mind

  7. Hands-on experience of weeding the Sacred Garden using meditation

  8. Sample the benefits of using these techniques

Internationally acclaimed artist, teacher, motivator and passionate student of ancient mystery teachings, Leslie Kingsley was initially taught guided meditation as a young man by his uncle – who used guided meditation to assist physically and mentally ill patients, with great success.

Leslie spent several years learning from, and working with, Indian swamis, and Hindu pandits trained in Yajna (fire ritual) Puja (worship) & Mantra practice.  He teaches mantra chanting, meditation, shamanic practices, art therapy, and also coaches students with specialised practices and techniques to connect with, and utilise, creative inspiration

The Sacred Garden – Our Subconscious Mind

Free interactive talk and demonstration with Leslie Kingsley At the LOTUS CENTRE Level 1, 13 Dale Street, BROOKVALE

Tuesday 8th November from 7:30 – 8:30 As seats will be limited please book early HERE

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