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Intuitive Readings by Lynda – 20% off

We’re pleased to announce that Lynda will be back reading tarot cards at the Lotus Centre from the 1st June

Lynda is available on Mondays and Thursday at the centre as well as Tuesday and Friday for Zoom consultations

Special Offer for June! First 10 booked 20% off normal price – 1 hour for $80 normally $100

How has the covid-19 pandemic affected you?

Do you need questions answered?

Concerned about career, health, relationships, or travel to name but a few?

Lynda can give short term readings covering the past, present and the future for up to 2 years.

Card readings will help you to explore issues that are affecting your daily living.

Tarot card readings are enlightening when life becomes overwhelming and you have trouble making decisions.

Maybe you have one or more paths to take but you are unable to see clearly tarot cards can help.

Your unconscious mind chooses the cards that will helps you understand and enable you to further explore all avenues available.

Tarot cards can also work well with psychotherapy – it can provide fresh perspective to a stuck situation, help to see a situation more clearly.

Cards are a very useful tool to tap into an experience that can be difficult to verbalize.

Come and hear how the Tarot can help you in so many different ways

It’s not fortune telling but tapping into your subconscious – bringing up what is already known

“I am simply there to support you, to help interpret the cards chosen. Only you will know the personal meaning and how it relates to you in life.”

Lynda Morton is a Counsellor, psychotherapist Intuitive card reader and Reiki practitioner at the Lotus Centre in Brookvale.

Book online at HERE or ring me on 0409 115 100

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