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Conscious Women’s Circle

We want to create a new group where women meet every month to support one another’s growth in consciousness.

Conscious women’s circle is about raising self awareness, supporting the emerging empowerment process, learning and development, and connecting with like minded women. We will meet monthly to meditate, and check in with each other. There will be a different guest presentation each evening offering information or a workshop experience.

Would like to be part of this amazing community of inspirational, conscious and spiritual women?

27th May Presentation:

Mindfulness in daily life – Heather Cavill Greer

What is mindfulness? Do I have to sit cross legged in meditation to experience it?

Learn about mindfulness and the benefits of practice from increased focus and concentration to freedom from anxiety and depression. Heather will give a short presentation, then offer you an experience in different forms of mindfulness practice. No, you do not need to sit cross legged in meditation!


7pm Welcome & Meditation 20 mins

7.30pm Check in


8.15pm Evening presentation & workshop experience

Fees: $30 per session. Call to book or buy tickets online.


Heather- Mindfulness-based psychotherapist & hypnotherapist

Laurelle – Intuitive counsellor & meditation teacher

Join us on the third Weds every month starting on 27th May 7-9pm

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