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Art Therapy for creative expression

Art therapy is a specialised counselling method that uses creative expression for healing and well-being. Focus, clarity, self-expression, connection, peace and calm are among the many benefits. Some feelings and experiences are difficult to find words for, and art therapy can help you to express yourself in a safe and therapeutic environment. Our Art Therapist, Philippa Montier, is here to help. She is a qualified and registered professional Art Therapist and Counsellor. She works with adults who experience anxiety, depression and trauma, or who are seeking to practice self-care and self-compassion through art therapy. You can contact her by email

or phone: 0433 812 679

7-Day Self-Kindness Art Journal Challenge

Art Journalling focuses on the process of making a page using art processes, rather than the end result. It's meant to be spontaneous and enjoyable, and can be a great way to find a state of creative flow.

You may like to start this Art Journal Challenge at any time, and you can choose any seven days, they don’t need to be across one week. Remember this is about self-kindness – and this extends to being kind to things you make, try to leave aside any judgment and focus on enjoying the process of making art in all its beautiful imperfection.

and enjoy the healing process of art.

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