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Your body whispers before it shouts…..

How Kinesiology can help you listen to your body to keep you physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy.

Ever had the feeling that your body was trying to tell you something?

Maybe in the way of unexplained anxiety, feeling tired regardless of going to bed early, no passion or feeling stuck in a rut. Possibly you are not sick but don’t feel quiet right either!

Not to worry this is normal and happens from time to time. It is just your body’s way of trying to get your attention, telling you that there’s a part of you that is out of balance. You see for us to feel genuinely healthy we need to be balanced on all 3 levels of our being – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

By spiritually I mean standing in your truth like working towards something that holds a sense of meaning and purpose for you – something that floats you boat!

Please understand that your body doesn’t have a voice so in order for it to get your attention, it ‘messes up’ usually in the way of pain, symptoms, yuck emotions, and DIS-ease.

Your body whisper before it shouts – NO exceptions to the rule!!

It whispers by sending you subtle messages. When we do not listen (usually because we are too busy, stressed and/or in our heads) it proceeds to SHOUT to get our attention.

An example of a whisper could be a mild tightness in your chest maybe accompanied with a sense of uneasiness or mild anxiety. A shout would be chest pain or heart palpitations.

Kinesiology helps by working with you to notice and understand your body’s whispers, before it gets to the shouting stage.

It uses counselling to address the emotional and spiritual, and nutrition, acupressure and Traditional Chinese Medicine to clear stress held in the physical body. Kirsten’s favourite technique is acupressure as it is gentle yet very powerful.

Kirsten is passionate about teaching people how to be their own health practitioner by listening to their body.

Join us for a FREE talk Wednesday 5th August at 7.30pm. We will provide you with information how the body and mind work. As well as offering tools tap into your own body’s wisdom so you can understand the whispers and use them as valuable pointers towards great physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Understanding your body’s symptoms is easier than you think!

For more info contact Kirsten Rennie: E:  PH: 0410 337 955

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