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VACCINATION – Do I or don’t I?

There is a lot of debate in the media around immunisation lately and many Mums are asking me what they should do about getting their children vaccinated. It can be very hard to sift through the internet hype and media stories to find enough truth to make an informed decision.

Rather than an all-or-nothing approach, it is about a strategy that works for you and your family, and each family member has unique needs.

Strong immunity is paramount to ongoing good health so I am presenting a free talk at the Lotus Centre next Wednesday on “Winter Proofing your Families Health”.  It will include time to discuss immunisation and help you create a vaccination strategy for your family that will include:

  1. Vaccine selection

  2. Timing of immunisation

  3. How to get information on possible side-effects

  4. How to minimize the risk of side-effects when a vaccine is selected

  5. How to weigh up the risks vs benefits of immunisation

  6. Getting your body ‘immunisation-ready’

Bring questions and I look forward to meeting you then. FREE tickets HERE

FREE Seminar “Winter-proof your family – Building immune resilience”

Wednesday, May 4, from 7:30 PM to 8:45 PM

Fed up of getting sick or having to take time off to look after sick family members?

Do you want to break the cycle of re-occurring colds and flu this winter?

Does your family need better immune resilience?

Find out:

  1. The factors effecting immune health

  2. what you can do to help prevent colds and flu

  3. What you can do to minimise discomfort & speed recovery if you do get sick

  4. What remedies really work

  5. Vaccination – Do I or don’t I?

Hear Linda Krick – Medical Herbalist speak about ways to boost your natural immunity to protect your family through winter and beyond.

Linda Krick

Medical Herbalist DBM, B. Nat.Therapies

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