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The BIG Relationship Test: Lockdown

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Is it a ‘love in’ or’ let me out’?

5 ways to improve your relationship right now.

Let’s face it lockdowns are hard for everyone; if you live alone, you may long for company. If you are in a relationship, it may be tough going being together 24/7 add a few kids and no holiday and you could find yourself at breaking point.

You’re not alone, many relationships are being tested right now, the important thing is to work on the issues before they become longstanding and critical. Seeking hep with communication, misunderstandings and habitual disagreements is important for long term relationship health.

Often, we find ourselves stuck in the same patterns, going over the same arguments and it seems to be no way out. This pandemic has highlighted typical problem areas in relationships such as parenting, finances, roles and responsibilities, and intimacy.

Here’s 5 ways to improve your relationship right now:

1. Show an interest in each other. Spend time asking about your partner’s day, listen and be interested in things that are important to them. 2. Develop communication skills. Listen to the other person, use I statements and take responsibility for your feelings and actions. 3. Discover your love languages. How does your partner like to be shown love? Quality time, words of appreciation, acts of service, gifts or physical touch? 4. Be supportive and show appreciation. Ask how you can help, give complements generously and be a good friend. 5. Spend quality time together. Remind yourselves of what you enjoy doing, share a hobby or create a new one, unplug from screens and be together even if it’s just a walk.

Sounds straight forward. What stops us giving and receiving the love we desire? Attachment theory says our relationship patterns were laid down in our early experiences. Our attachment behaviour towards primary caregivers, and their response often determines our patterns in future adult relationships. However, this can be changed by seeking professional help to uncover any blocks and discover the emotional triggers to repattern attachment behaviour.

Seeking professional guidance to invest in your relationship will help with:

• Improved ways to communicate • Increased understanding and appreciation of each other • Build relationship skills • Find problem solving strategies • Discover ways to reconnect

Making time to work on your relationships, is an investment in your future happiness. Why wait until it’s too late? Speak to Heather about inproving your relationship on Ph: 0405 821 880. Video consultations available during lockdown at 10% discount

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