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Spring detox program

Do you feel a little sluggish or have low energy?

Are you feeling a little heavier than usual?

Do you suffer from poor digestion, bloating, constipation or headaches?

Do you suffer from skin conditions such as eczema, itchy skin patches, acne or rosacea?

Do you have food intolerance’s or sensitivities?

If you’ve answered YES to either of these questions you may benefit from a tailored naturopathic detoxification program that fits your specific set of signs and symptoms to give your system a spring clean!

It is important to have a tailored plan that is right for you.

Following the latest juicing or dieting fad you’ve read or heard in the media is often unsustainable and may be potentially harmful, setting your body up for resistance leading to weight gain and poor health.

Our body is well equipped to detoxify, but sometimes our organs need some gentle support or stimulation to effectively synchronise with other body processes. For example, a major body system involved in detoxification is the liver – the heart of the digestive system. With a huge array of jobs including metabolising toxins and transforming them into safe compounds for efficient removal, our liver can become over-burdened. Depending on your specific signs and symptoms, liver supporting herbs such as Dandelion root, St. Mary’s thistle and Globe artichoke may be integrated into your detoxification treatment plan, to assist with efficient liver function.

Likewise, our digestive tract may become sluggish and inflamed due to a number of years of poor dietary choices, chronic dehydration coupled with inadequate nutrients to support digestive processes. Symptoms may include constipation and bloating resulting in poor clearance and reabsorption of toxins into the body. Herbs to support digestive enzymes may include Gentian and Andrographis to help get those enzymes going. The skin is our largest organ and is another route for excretion of toxins, which is why sometimes conditions such as acne, rashes or eczema may be exacerbated by toxic overload. Gentle internal stimulation of the lymphatic systems and support for the circulatory systems and liver will assist with improving skin conditions. Basically it’s about looking at all of your major excretory organs and finding out how they are going, as well as tweaking your dietary and lifestyle patterns. The long term effect is health, vitality, improved energy and sustainable weight (fat) loss.

If you’re thinking of doing a spring detox and/or wanting some to achieve some fat loss, naturopathic support is of paramount importance to identify the key organs in your body that need conditioning and support. It is equally as important to identify any obstacles such as food intolerance, inflammation caused by oxidative stress, insulin resistance or an underactive thyroid that requires correction to achieve the best results for weight loss and detoxification.

Make an appointment with Megan today for a naturopathic detoxification and/or fat loss program tailored for you. The program offers dietary and lifestyle coaching and treatment protocol (may include herbal/ and or nutritional supplementation depending on goals and timeframes). Explore what works for you with tips and tricks for weight loss and recipe ideas that work in with your busy schedule.

Call Megan on 0421 181 934 and book in for your initial appointment before October 31 to receive your complimentary detoxifying essential oil infused Epsom salts to kick start your program. The recommended detoxification time frame is 6 weeks (approximately 3 appointments).

Gentle and effective detoxification for improved health and vitality!

Megan Taslaman

ATMS 22901 B.Hlth.Sc. (Naturopathy)

T 0421 181 934

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