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Retrain your brain for permanent weight reduction 50% off

Want to lose weight for summer?

Tried dieting in the past – but always put weight back on and sometimes more?

Discover why food becomes an addiction and why diets don’t work in the long term.

Learn how to retrain your brain for permanent weight reduction.

SAVE 50% ($251) NOW just $249

Weekly 2 HR Course for 6 weeksStarts Mon 23rd Oct 

Includes FREE 1 hr personalised session one on one. 

Book session Mondays 2pm – 5pm or Weds 7am – 12.30pm.

One on One Pre-Course Session 

This free confidential session will give you the opportunity to be listened to, without shame or judgement, about your own weight issues.

It will also give you the space to discuss what lies behind your own eating habits. Whether it be depression, anxiety, past trauma or stress in work or relationships.

Moreover, the session will help you to get more from the workshop if you have a greater understanding of your own emotional eating triggers.

Join Lynda’s 6 week course to learn more and find out:

  1. How to retrain your brain

  2. Lower your internal weight set point

  3. End yo yo dieting, and diet fads

  4. How you can eat whatever you like, guilt-free and with enjoyment

  5. Stop food cravings and addictions

  6. Eat by choice, not by habit

  7. Learn to love yourself and your body again

The workshops will  focus on the science behind eating, eating as an addiction, how food companies are keeping us addicted 24/7. You’ll discover how our brain is wired and working against us when dieting. You’ll have the opportunity to talk about your own experience.

Explore the way we think of food. Where did it all come from? Family values? The eat all your dinner because of all the starving children in Africa etc?

Lynda has completed a Master’s degree in Counselling and Applied Psychotherapy, giving her a broad, in-depth understanding in relation to human change and behaviour. She has also undertaken further study regarding elder care. Above all, Lynda will support you to identify your needs and goals – to help you to explore a full range of interventions; to assist you with behavioural change that will result in increased confidence, mastery and satisfaction as you manage challenging situations.

For more details contact Lynda on

Or give Lynda a call on 0409 115 100

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