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Is your family making you sick?

Discover Family Constellations

What is a modern family?

Families come in very many variations; traditional, single parent, blended, adopted, and same sex parents. Family constellations can work with all of the variations but will always go back to the fact that all of us are born from a mother and a father.

These days we may know much about the dynamics in the family yet we still have difficulties in communication, hurt and pain. Many problems we face now may stem from our family of origin such as relationship issues, anxiety & depression, habits, addictions & compulsions, or blocks to living the life we want.

A Family is basically a system, and Family Constellation work is a systemic approach to the family.

Developed by a German Psychotherapist Bert Hellinger, acknowledges what “IS” rather than the entanglement’s within the family. Constellation work is experiential, solution focused, brief and effective at understanding the dynamics we get caught in.

The information night will expand on how Family constellation work can uncover a new perspective to help us deal with or at least provide awareness to help us have a greater understanding of the dynamics in our family.

Shed light on questions such as:-

  1. What was the dynamic between your mum and your grandma?

  2. How were things for your mum and dad when they were married or got together?

  3. How did you mum cope when your dad left home?

  4. What was the impact of war on the family?

  5. What was the impact on immigration on your family system?

In Family Constellation work all these situations can be explored in the moment by using people or “representatives” for family members. Discover more at our FREE mini workshop 8th June 7.30pm with Alex Nicol – Counsellor & psychotherapist, Family constellation facilitator.

So why would you come along to this presentation?

  1. Are you curious about your family dynamics?

  2. Want to know more about Family Constellations?

  3. Wanting the possibility of more joy, connection, peace and harmony?

  4. Wanting to improve your relationships?

Come along and see what you can find out about your family and how it effects your current life.

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