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How to avoid Adrenal burnout?

Adrenal exhaustion is a term applied to body and mind burn out! Your body won’t work, and your mind has turned to mush! The adrenal glands are located on top of your kidneys, and have a huge job in maintaining levels of various hormones including cortisol. Cortisol and adrenalin are the hormones to deal with stress.

Cortisol is released during times of physical, emotional or biochemical stress via chemical messages from the brain. This allows us to automatically react to the stressor…which is important in a life threatening situation right? For example if you have to fight for survival… or run away from a tiger… prevalent on the Northern Beaches! The only problem is, modern life can be stressful with seemingly numerous tigers to run away from. Our startled responses with varying amounts of stress every day, can gradually deplete our reserves and our resistance to stress. This results in general tiredness, then fatigue and eventually absolute burn out…no fizz…nothing left in the tank….zip! Other body system effects include our immune system, libido, mental health, nervous system and poor quality sleep!

How well are you coping?

  1. Are you taking enough time out for you? Make it a ritual to do something you love that’s healthful – for example yoga or mediation, walking along the beach, having a hot bath with Epsom salts and a few drops of Lavender, having a Sunday roast or going to bed early and sleeping in!

  1. Are you keeping your immune system healthy? Make sure you’re eating nurturing whole foods and allowing time to nourish well during meal times!

  1. What about exercise? Even daily gentle exercise can help – whether it’s a brisk walk around the block or in the park to de-stress your mind, re-energise your body and get your lymphatic system moving!

OR are you so overwhelmed with everything that’s on your plate, and it’s all just too hard? Then naturopathy (nutritional and herbal medicine) can help and here’s how.

What naturopathy can do for you…

If you’re too far gone because you’ve pushed too hard, and just can’t replenish, or you feel ‘run-down’ or sick with a cold, then you may need some naturopathic support!

“Naturopathy is a system of healing that considers all aspects of your physical, emotional and intellectual health…the cause and effect of your body systems, and how they inter-play. Our treatment protocols utilise a combination of evidenced-based medicine and traditional practice to provide you with tools such as herbal and nutritional medicine, to assist you in improving your health.”

In the case of adrenal exhaustion, your unique set of signs and symptoms will allow the practitioner to individualise a prescription of herbal and/or nutritional medicine to help you feel better and give you the ability to cope under stress. For example, the Russian herb Siberian ginseng, was used by the Russian cosmonauts to improve their resistance to stress, and by the Russian athletes to prepare for the Olympic Games in the 1970-80’s. We all have our own ‘Olympic Game’ to prepare for or endure…let’s face it with gusto and fortifying strength!

If you’re feeling run-down or stressed, book in for a naturopathic appointment with Megan Taslaman on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday (early or late appointments available by appointment) or with Linda Krick on Thursdays and Saturdays or other days by appointment.

Contact Megan Taslaman on 0421 181 934 or email or Linda Krick on 0412 208 982 or email

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