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‘Feel Better’ mini consultation

‘Feel Better’ mini consultation

NOW AVAILABLE – for Acute Colds or Flu

Naturopath Megan Taslaman

Only $35

So picture this….you have a cold or flu and you just want to feel better, get some symptom relief and get your immune system back on track quickly! I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there from time to time.

When you are sick with a cold or flu the first thing on your mind is probably how can I get rid of it quick smart and feel better ASAP. The last thing you probably feel like doing is sitting in a lengthy naturopathic consultation that goes through your whole health history to ultimately find out how you got to this point of having a cold or flu today! You just want to get rid of it….and QUICK, so you can get back on track! YES? Then read on…

As a naturopath my main focus is to help you feel better quicker, so when you have a cold or flu or are about to get sick the Feel Better mini consultation is the perfect GO TO appointment. It allows just enough time for me to get some key information, assess your signs and symptoms and do a few examinations so that your prescription can be tailored to help you feel better ASAP.

Don’t delay…if you have a cold or flu, or want to give your immune system a kick, book in for your Feel Better mini consultation today.

Consultation specifics:

  1. Signs and symptoms assessment

  2. Examination (where required)

  3. Review of medications, known allergies, diagnosed diseases, contraindications

  4. Herbal/ nutritional medicine prescription

  5. Dietary handout to assist with symptom relief and a quick recovery

All in just about 15minutes costing only $35 (plus tailored herbal/ nutritional medicine prescription).

To Book:

Telephone 0421 181 934

Go to my Facebook page “holistic practice”

Naturopath Megan Taslaman

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