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6 Healthy Tips to have fun and survive the Festive Season

Wow, Christmas and the holiday season is upon us. Parties, fun, festivities and happiness for all is our wish. However, we want to come out the other side of the fun season feeling refreshed, healthy and happy. It is easy to let stress and over-indulgences take over when our diary is filling up with parties, end of year activities and holiday time planning. Here are 6 top tips to keep you focused on looking after yourself while having lots of fun.

1. Mindful eating. This means plan ahead. Whether it is a Christmas lunch, dinner, or buffet at the office, we are often eating out of our regular schedule. So don’t go to a party starving. Have a light high protein snack or meal before-hand and you’ll make better food choices at the party.

Use a smaller plate and sample all the available dishes in smaller portions. This way, you can enjoy everything without overindulging and heading home suffering from indigestion. Go heavy on the fruit, vegetables, nuts and protein based foods where available as these food substances give you better control of your weight and are energy foods. Go easy on desserts. Remember that eating right will leave you feeling good the next day.

2. Super-Hydrate Amidst all the festivities and activities, your body needs all the water it can get. Drinking good quality filtered water energizes you and can also reduce the feeling of hunger to help prevent overeating. If you’re drinking alcohol too – water in between each drink will cause you to drink less alcohol and help combat tomorrow’s hangover!

3. Make time for exercise Plan exercise into the holidays. You can do something fun like swim, play cricket or beach sports, plan outdoor activities with friends and family and keep moving. I know it can be difficult sometimes, but even just 15 minutes of activity a few times a day will help to keep you feeling energised, and go some way to burn off those mince pies!

4. Detoxify as you go A fresh juice a day that includes beetroot and carrot is a liver detoxifer. Remember only juice as much fruit and veg as you would eat in a serve. You don’t have to fill the glass with the juice, dilute with water. If you struggle with stress and anxiety over this time, take a good quality Vitamin B complex (call Linda 0412208982 for the one most suitable for you). Take 1 tablet each morning to keep your energy high. To ameliorate the effects of too much Christmas cheer, there are great liver support herbs such as St Mary’s Thistle and Schizandra. These are available in tablet or liquid form (call Linda 0412208982 to order yours).

5. Do things you enjoy Christmas can be a stressful time, no matter how organised we may be. Yet, it is a time to be spent with family, friends and merriment! So stop and plan. Make sure there is time for the things you really love this Christmas.

6. Do something for someone else It is a time of giving. We all know how satisfying it can be to give from the heart, not just because tradition says we should. So why not do something for someone. Some suggestions are to offer to pick up a friend’s turkey, visit an elderly neighbour for a cup of tea or bake some Christmas treats for the office. Doing something nice for someone else will give you more satisfaction than any gift! Remember, it is unlikely that any single factor will make a big difference to your holiday health and fitness. However, if you consistently incorporate several of our Christmas tips into your holiday lifestyle, you may find yourself in better shape for the New Year than you were in November. Working through these tips will help to reduce the stress, emotional turmoil and weight gain, helping you have a very merry and fun Christmas.

Have a happy, healthy holiday season!

Linda Krick Medical Herbalist. DBM, BNat.Therapies.

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