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We have a wide range of services and therapies available. If you are unsure of what you need, call

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We have many Practitioners and Therapists to choose from. Each highly experienced, qualified, insured and may be registered with Health Funds


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We provide everything you need to assist you to grow your health and well-being business with professional consultation rooms and services.  

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Benefits of warming up and cooling down around exercise

Many animals use warm-up or cool-down routines around exercise. Horses often walk before and after intense workouts to prevent muscle strain. Dogs stretch their limbs and shake their bodies to loosen muscles before running. Cats instinctively stretch after naps, preparing for sudden bursts of activity and we benefit from following their example.  Warming up and cooling down are critical components of any exercise routine and more so during the colder months of winter.. Here's why :-

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A beard is a way to show support, build awareness and raise life-changing funds to help families hurting after the loss of their baby though miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal or infant death. This is a community campaign where strength comes from more beards on deck… dads who experienced loss, their mates, family members and colleagues.


Funds raised from this campaign are directed in entirety to Bears Of Hope Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support (a registered non-profit organisation), allowing them to continue providing support and exceptional  care for families who experience the loss of their baby.


You can learn more about the campaign:

Or book a fee-free counselling session with a Bears of Hope counsellor at the Lotus Centre each Wednesday:

Beards of Hope

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