Women's Circle

Women’s Circle: Reflection & Connection

Seasonal Wheel of the Year Series - Working with the energy of Autumn

Join us for a monthly gathering of women sharing in sisterhood. 

It is a social yet soulful evening of holding space for each other in inner reflection and deep listening.

If you haven't been to a women's circle before, it is a lovely, nourishing evening - come along and experience the beautiful energy and magic that arises when women come together to intentionally be present and support each other.

The reflection theme for each gathering is based on women’s cyclical wisdom, and is relevant to the energy that we might be experiencing with where we are in the seasonal cycle of the year and/or lunar phase.


How the night runs:

We'll be sitting in circle, and will start with a short grounding meditation, followed by a candle-lighting ceremony to call ourselves fully present. 

I will give a brief discussion around the theme, and invite you to reflect on what has been arising for you. The theme is designed to be an anchor for inner reflection, insight, and an opportunity to reframe or set new intentions. We will then share in a talking bowl circle - a beautiful process for deep listening and insight, both to your own inner wisdom, and to each other. We end with an intention-setting process for the month ahead.


When: 4th Friday of each month

Cost: $20

Open to: All who identify as a woman. First-timers welcome

Location: The Lotus Centre, Level 1, 2/13 Dale St Brookvale NSW 2100
Next Date: :27th May
Spaces are limited & bookings essential

For information or to book, please email bianca@consciouswellness.com.au,

call/text 0409 642 759

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