Small Personal Yoga Classes 4-8 students

5-10 week courses

Small class adapted to suit for all levels from beginner onward. Gentle general yoga practice


Asana’s – a mix of postures to stretch, open, strengthen, and align the body

Pranayama’s – to relax and focus the mind

Shivasana – lying down relaxation at the end of the class

Meditation – focus and still the mind


Relax with Yoga Nidra 

SUN 4pm 10 wk course 

Relax and lie down for this yoga class.  Just 2 mins = 3 hrs sleep. Followed by Meditation. 




Fed up of large classes -want personal attention? 

Worried about health or injuries – need professional advice?

Are you a beginner – want individual instruction ?

We run our classes differently.

We offer small classes for personal attention and close supervision. Great for anyone wanting one on one instruction, injury prevention and personal development and progress your practice without the price tag of a one on one private class.

10 week course $250

10 Class Pass $275

Single class $30 (depending on availability)

$120 for 1 hr private class 1-4 people

There are many branches of yoga, but in the west the most popular form is classical hatha yoga, often described as the physical path to spiritual realisation. Hatha yoga includes Ashtanga, Iyengar and dynamic flow styles of yoga.

The dedicated yoga student acknowledges that yoga is more than just stretching and practicing physical postures (asana), but also includes breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation. These principles are based on ancient teachings commonly known as the eight limbs of yoga.

Yoga works on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of us. Most ancient traditions recognise that the human body is more than its gross physical components, but also contains subtle channels, and layers of energy vibrating at different frequencies. There are five such energetic bodies or levels of experience. Yoga practice permeates every level.

  • Physical – the physical body is part of our waking conscious experience. Yoga practices such as diet, cleansing techniques, and postures (asana) are used to maintain physical health and well-being.
  • Energetic/pranic – part of our subtle body or subconscious. Pranayama consisting of correct breathing and breathing exercises work on this level to remove blockages stimulate and balance the pranic circulation.
  • Mental – a subconscious layer conditioned by stimulus response. Concentration and meditation help to focus this lower aspect of mind.
  • Intuitive/wisdom – also subconscious, the subtlest aspect of mind accessible through dreams, and deep meditation. Include practices such as study of scriptures, self-study and meditation.
  • Spiritual/transcendental – the experience of bliss, reflected in deep dreamless sleep. In this restful state there are no thoughts or sense of ego. A state where harmony, contentment and joy exist.

Yoga Nidra Relaxation & Meditation Course

Relax and lie down for this yoga class.

A body-based relaxation technique to scan through and release stress in the physical body, still the mind and reset the nervous system.  A  restorative yoga practice, that is healing to body mind and spirit, effective for relieving stress, insomnia or general exhaustion.

It is said that just 20 minutes of Yoga Nidra equals 3 hours of deep sleep as it taps into brainwaves to recharge the body and mind. While you rest comfortably in savasana (corpse pose), this relaxation, body scan and  meditation takes you through the pancha maya kosha (five layers of self), leaving you feeling a sense of wholeness.

Anyone can do yoga nidra, enter a deep state of conscious theta relaxation the stage just before you go to sleep. Follow the guided instructions to relax each part of the body in a specific sequence for effortless relaxation and deep meditation.

Followed by a guided meditation practice. Beginners welcome.


Yoga Styles

Beginners Yoga

Based on the classical yoga taught in India, a beginner’s class will take you through the basics of yoga. You will learn all the foundations from physical postures, and breathing techniques to relaxation and meditation training. Our courses are small for quality teaching that suits everyone, whatever your age or experience. With a maximum of 8 students per class you can be assured that your individual needs are catered for. Each student works at their own pace with individual health needs and abilities catered for. Beginner’s often report feeling calm, relaxed and focused after just one 5 week course. Research shows it improves health, mental alertness, improves sleep and much more…book now to ensure your place.




Pre-Natal Yoga

For mums to be, a special class is needed as some yoga postures are unsuitable during pregnancy.

Prenatal yoga is a gentle yet invigorating course suitable for all mum’s, no experience necessary.

Prenatal yoga focuses on the challenges of pregnancy, baby bonding and preparation for birth.

Learn about how yoga can help you with pregnancy related ailments and natural birth preparation.

Learn about breath work, active birthing and natural pain relief.

Hatha Yoga Therapy

Hatha Yoga is a relatively gentle, inward experience that involves both co-ordinating the breath with movement and holding postures. It is usually not an athletic or aerobic practice and less of a workout then some of the other dynamic styles. Hatha literally means Sun and Moon and is the linking of the active and passive aspects of nature. There is usually a focus on breath, movement, relaxation and meditation. Hatha yoga uses asana (postures) and pranayama (breath) to harmonize body, mind and emotions, and if practiced regularly, attune oneself with higher levels of awareness. An experienced yogi can awaken, experience and begin to control the subtle energies within oneself, especially the energies of the chakras.


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