Vanessa Fisher – Osteopath

Osteopath (BOst Osteopathy)

Member of Osteopathy Australia

Phone: (02) 9030 0352

Email: [email protected]

Available: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday



Vanessa Fisher is the founder and principal osteopath at The Willow Clinic, based in the Lotus Centre, Brookvale.

Vanessa is a respected and experienced osteopath who has worked in multi-disciplinary practices in both the UK and Australia. Since founding the Willow Clinic in 2014 she has grown her reputation in the Northern Beaches.

Using a combination of muscle work, spinal articulation, fascial release, cranial osteopathy and myofascial needling, Vanessa treats a wide variety of patients.

Vanessa has developed a keen interest in women’s health and paediatrics, but her passion for making a difference to people’s lives extends to all of her patients.

Vanessa strives to understand the individual and develops treatment plans based on the needs of the patient, which may enable them to return to their “normal” everyday life.

Osteopathic Technique aims to:

  • Reduce pain and discomfort
  • Restore and enhance structure & function
  • Improve joint range of motion and joint nutrition
  • Provide mobility and elasticity to both superficial and deep structures of the body
  • Restore muscle tone and relaxation
  • Stimulate circulation (blood/fluid movement and flow)
  • Relieve pressure
  • Restore fascial elasticity
  • Increase general well-being


Osteopathic services at The Willow Clinic include:

  • Osteopathy for pre and post pregnancy
  • Osteopathy for babies and children
  • Osteopathy for work-related injuries
  • Osteopathy for sports injuries
  • And more



Book an appointment with The Willow Clinic today and see what osteopathic treatment from Vanessa can do for you.

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