Rebecca Burnett-Smith


Family dispute resolution practitioner

Social Worker
Family therapist


PH: 0403 669 391


Rebecca is an Accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. She is registered with the Attorney General’s Department, and as such can issue s60I certificates.

Rebecca completed her Masters in Social Work at The University of Sussex in 1989 and did further training in Family Therapy in 1993. Prior to Family Dispute Resolution, she has over 20 years experience working therapeutically with children and families in a number of different settings: child protection, adolescent counselling, family counsellor for parents with under 5’s to name but a few. She is skilled at working with families from all backgrounds and complexity.

Rebecca will help you put in place the best possible agreements around all aspects of your situation, including:

  • Parenting arrangements
  • Property negotiations
  • Children’s expenses
  • Communication
  • Important decisions around education
  • Health and culture
  • Contact with grandparents.
At Kids First Mediation, Rebecca will also help you:
i. Move from an intimate partnership into a cooperative parenting partnership,
ii. Reflect on what you want your children to say about their childhood and you as their parents when they look back in 20 years time, and
iii. Give you all the information and tools to help your children adjust to 2 home living and thrive into the future.


General information

couplescounellingjpgFamily separation is a difficult time for everyone. It can be hard to make important decisions around the children and finances when you are struggling to cope with the grief and loss that accompanies any relationship break up.

Rebecca provides a range of services to help parents after separation, including family mediation, child consultancy, conflict coaching and counselling for individual parents and children.

Whether you are struggling with on-going conflict and communication issues with the other parent, struggling to understand and manage the children’s behaviour, struggling with ideas around options for the future, or struggling to cope emotionally, Rebecca will help you and your child’s other parent find the best possible outcome for your family situation.

Family Mediation

Family mediation is a structured process which helps parents discuss issues in a safe environment and put in place workable agreements for the future in the best interests of their children.
Initially each parent attends a confidential assessment with Rebecca so that she can:

(i) ensure that family mediation is suitable,familyconflict1-360x240
(ii)hear the history of the problems from each person’s perspective,
(iii) get an understanding about what needs to be resolved, and
(iv)prepare you for the joint session
(v) provide you with targeted information to broaden your understanding of your family’s issues.

At the joint session, Rebecca facilitates a constructive, child-focussed, and future-focussed conversation about the concerns you each have and your ideas for the future. More than one session may be required before final agreement so that you can go away and trial options for a period of time first.

With over 20 years experience working therapeutically with children and families, and nine years of full-time family mediation, she will give you all the tools, tips and skills to raise your children successfully after separation.

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