Rachel Hind

Nationally Trained & Certified Sobriety & Recovery Coach in Australia
SMART Recovery Head Trainer & Coach
NLP Master Practitioner & Coach
Mental First Aid Corporate Trainer & Speaker
Rehab Outreach Support & Companion

PH: 0432 765 156

E: [email protected]

WEB: rachelhind.com

About Rachel

I am Rachel Hind, a Mum of 2, a Wife, and working parent, a longtime corporate executive qualified as both lawyer and accountant and Founder of  Be Your Best Self and Women Leading Change.

I am a Coach, Trainer, Speaker and Mentor focusing on helping  organisations and individuals lead change from within themselves first so they can then lead change with others.   I am obsessed with helping others free themselves from the self sabotage cycle, lead change, unlock their full potential, and be their best self.

What differentiates me is I have lived experience with being a excessive drinker and have successfully overcome. I am a nationally qualified and trained Recovery Coach and Master NLP Practitioner who works changing unhealthy coping mechanisms  plus the more importantly dis-empowering emotions and limiting beliefs, the real root cause behind the self sabotage cycle.

What I am delivering nationally is a series of educational seminars “Women Leading Change” along with my transformational 6 week “Courage over Comfort” and 6 month “Be Wealthy” coaching and mentoring programs, available for men and women from all walks of life and at all levels!  I breakdown your barriers and breakthrough so you can move from disassociated and disillusioned to associated, empowered and successful and basically smashing it with your mindset,  money, marriage, middle age and mental health.

Anxiety, Control, Anger and Fear  are the 4 biggest problems holding us back right now, yet according to global stats we are the most well paid, successful and financially secure generation however the most overweight, medicated and unhappy, go check that out!  Money and external factors, outside of ourselves is no longer enough to keep us happy and fulfilled, now that comes from within!

My mission is to help empower you to  have belief and conviction to follow your true self and start making life happening for us and not to us.  Lets together achieve all the results you want in this life, unlock your full potential and be your best self.

Rachel says

I have a foundation of belief that people want a happy, healthy, and anxiety free life where they are in absolute control and want to be in control and free to choose drinking or sobriety when they want to. However, given the highly pressurised working environments, stresses and pressures of everyday life, I know from experience that we can all too easily turn to alcohol and it starts controlling us!

Rachel can help you with;

  • SMART Recovery groups in Sydney Australia, delivered over 180 community sessions in Community Centres in Northern Beaches & City, accredited by SMART Recovery and endorsed by NSW Government Health division.
  • Performance/Motivational Speaking
  • Nutritional/Exercise Coaching
  • Certified NLP Practitioner & Trainer
  • Long time working Professional, qualified as both a Lawyer and Accountant


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