Natural Birth Classes

If you are considering a Natural birth then natural birth education classes are essential for you and your birth partner. Our birth classes will teach you what the midwives don’t, about how you and your partner can help yourselves have the birth you want. Birthing Classes will help you feel more calm and confident, more relaxed and in control of the labour and birth process. Your natural birth education will empower you to make the best choices for you, and your baby.

Heather teaches Natural Birth Classes and day retreats for couples including Hypno- birthing classes in Sydney, and via Skype session. They are packed full of practical information, including yoga exercises and breathing tips for an active calm birth.

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Natural Birth Classes and Day Retreat Covers:-

  • Signs of labour 
  • Pregnancy Yoga
  • Planning your birth
  • Breathing techniques
  • Active birthing positions
  • Relaxation  & visualisation
  • Natural therapies for birthing
  • Natural ways to induce labour
  • Labour TENS for natural pain relief
  • Massage and acupressure points for labour
  • Natural pain management for every stage of labour
  • Emotional freedom technique for pain relief and relaxation
  • Using the mind to overcome the fear-pain-tension Syndrome


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We did Heather’s Natural Birth Course which was very useful. I laboured at home mostly, using the Labour TENS and breathing techniques to help me focus. I felt relaxed in between contractions, as I counted the length between them. I used the active birthing positions that we were taught, pacing and rocking, leaning over the bed and just focusing on the breathing. I also used the TENS at the start and then later I kept it on boost, until I arrived at the hospital. Then I got straight into the shower and used the spa bath. I was surprised when they told me I was fully dilated already, as I felt fine. Even the midwives didn’t think I was so far along as I looked so calm. 3 hours later our baby was born, drug free not even any gas and air.

Lara & Warren

Group classes and private sessions are conducted at Lotus Centre 13 Dale Street, Brookvale on the Northern Beaches at the Lotus Centre. Skype sessions by appointment.

The next Birth Class is being held at the Lotus Centre: call for dates

To inquire or make a booking call Heather now on 02 8007 6380, or 0405821880

Course informationPrice
4 hour Natural Birth Course (group course max 4 couples)$199 per person or $299 per couple
Private Hypnosis & Natural Birth Course (3 hours) $399 up to 3 people

All courses provide a FREE Hypnosis CD and Natural Birth Workbook.

Heather Cavill Greer is a qualified and experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist Mindfulness-based Psychotherapist and counsellor based in Freshwater / North manly and servicing the Northern beaches area. Heather will help you make those lasting changes you desire to live your life to its fullest potential. 

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