Lynda Morton – Counsellor & Psychotherapist, Card & Palm Reading

Bachelor of Counselling and Human Change

Master of Counselling and Applied Psychotherapy

Sandplay Therapist

Reiki Healer Second Degree & Energy Healer

Intuitive Card & palm Readings

PACFA member no 23065

Phone: 0409 115100

Email: [email protected]



About Lynda

Lynda has completed a Master’s degree in Counselling and Applied Psychotherapy, giving her a broad, in-depth understanding in relation to human change and behaviour. She has also undertaken further study regarding elder care.

Lynda previously worked at a women’s refuge working with domestic violence issues where she spent many years counselling and providing emotional support to women over 55, and their families.

It was at the refuge, together with her own experience in caring for her mother, that her interest grew in providing support to families caring for aged parents. Many of the women were victims of abuse by their siblings, who could no longer care for their mother.

Lynda worked together with the family helping to create a healthy balance between caring for others and themselves, finding solutions and compromises to benefit everyone and giving support to help balance the needs of all concerned.

Above all, Lynda will support you to identify your needs and goals – to help you to explore a full range of interventions; to assist you with behavioural change that will result in increased confidence, mastery and satisfaction as you manage challenging situations.


Elder Care Issues

Taking care of your ageing parents can be difficult, whatever the circumstances – but achieving it the right way for you can mean the difference between challenging or traumatic.

Cancer Care & other life threatening illnesses

The same can be said in caring for loved ones, or looking after yourself when suffering from cancer or any other life threatening illnesses.

There are many questions asked, but here are a few that relates to both concerns:

“I don’t know how to managing the role-reversal for all of us?”

“How do I cope with the financial and emotional challenges ahead?”

“How can I still be able to care for my children, marriage/partnership without damaging our relationships?”

With the government raising the pension age and life expectancy increasing for both our parents and ourselves, it raises concerns about our ability to care for our elderly parents.

We question our ability to care for those in need without losing ourselves as individuals; the guilt of how to do the best for all can be immense and very challenging.

Lynda can help:-

  • Create a healthy balance between caring for others and yourself.
  • Help you find solutions and compromises to benefit all.
  • Support you in identifying and balancing your needs as well as those of loved ones.

Lynda can give you the space to talk about your cancer or for the caring of your aged parents, what it means to you and how you would like to manage it.

Approaches to Therapy

Lynda’s approach to therapy is normally Solution-focused which helps to find a solution to problems, rather than focusing on the problem itself.



Sandplay therapy is a holistic approach that identifies the unspoken issues and helps to find solutions. It quickly and easily gets to the heart of any issue. It is a creative form of therapy that allows the imagination to create images and scenes with the use of sand, figurines and water.

Sandplay therapy forms a relationship between the conscious and the unconscious mind. This then activates the healing process.

By using the sandbox you are able to create a world that corresponds to your inner state. It will allow you to open up and understand the issues and concerns that are not immediately recognised in your conscious.

Sandplay can help resolve personal problems and to reclaim individuality. It can help resolve trauma that has been “pushed down” deep in the unconscious in a safe and healing environment.

Through the freedom of play and expression, unconscious thoughts are made visible in a three-dimensional form and create a space to discover who you really are.

Sandplay is for everyone – children love it and adults are amazed by the experience. The sessions will always come up with what is needed for lifestyle, or any other change.

Sandplay is an especially good therapeutic tool for couples who need help in understanding their differences – by seeing how each other views their own world the couple can work on how their worlds can come together.


Psychosomatic Therapy

This is an holistic approach to some illnesses, looking at the relationship between the mind (psyche) and the body (soma).

Psychosomatic pain can show in many ways: as in headaches; abdominal, back, arms and other forms of body pains. Asthma, ulcers and many bowel disorders are also physical disorders which are often precipitated by some psychological trauma, and can benefit from psychosomatic therapy.

Psychosomatic therapy takes a holistic view to any problem – it teaches new ways of coping with stress and developing new patterns of behaviour.

Everybody responds in a unique way to stress; emotions affect their sensitivity to trauma and to their susceptibility to the environmental elements, making a difference to the recovery from the effects of illness.

Using behaviour therapy, relaxation with social and material reinforcement treatment can lessen the symptoms bringing about a healthier outlook on life.

Lynda is well versed in many other forms of counselling. We are all different.  In relation to peoples’ experiences and emotional needs “One size does not fit all”.


Reiki Healing

Reiki is a gentle and powerful healing method to alleviate stress and to promote wellbeing.

It is a Japanese technique made up of two Japanese words: “Rei which is “God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power” and Ki meaning “life force energy”. A life force energy that is spiritually guided.

Reiki is a hands-on therapy that treats the whole body and mind, it’s very relaxing and promotes a feeling of peace and wellbeing.

The treatment can feel like a warm glowing radiance flowing through the body, channeling the energy to unblock and clear your chakras.


Intuitive Card Reading

What is intuitive card reading?

Card readings can help to explore issues that are affecting your daily living, when life becomes overwhelming and you have trouble making decisions, or you have one or more paths to take but you are unable to see clearly.

Your unconscious mind chooses the card that will help you to understand and further explore all avenues available.

The intuitive card reader is only there to support you, to help interpret the cards chosen. Only you will know the personal meaning and how it relates to you in life.

We all have intuitive abilities and can follow our own individual journeys.

Intuitive card reading can be a powerful tool to help balance the mind and body, when combined with Reiki Healing.

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