Justyna Konopka – Yoga Teacher


Certificate Hatha Yoga Teacher  Training (500 hours)
Certificate Yin Yoga teacher
Certificate Pregnancy Yoga Teaching
Member International Yoga Alliance Australia

PH: 0477 151 163
E: [email protected]
W: safespaceflow.com



Justyna is a full time Hatha Yoga Instructor and “retired” Assistant Accountant.  She completed RYT 500 in Rishikesh, India in 2017 – that was quite an adventure in itself.  Being influenced by both Ashtanga and Hatha traditions, she incorporates both dynamic and restorative elements into one balanced practice, Justyna always strives for balance, she is Libra after all.

Justyna is a “work in progress”, she understands that she is not perfect and she doesn’t pretend to be.  Justyna’s mission is for her students to feel their bodies, become mindful and aware. She is in constant pursuit of creating a safe space where all can heal, inspire and learn. Her passion is to make You feel welcome, supported and she makes sure that Your needs are met.
Justyna likes opposites she often wants two completely different things at the same time, she enjoys change, doesn’t like repetition so her classes will keep you guessing. There is always something new, she likes to borrow from others and share what she learned with You in a simple and easy to understand way.  She is a bit cheeky, funny and has “we are in this together” approach. Justyna simply appreciates that You decided to spend Your time with her and Yourself.

Justyna has great interest in functional movement that strengthens, builds endurance and is sound and playful.  She has completed a 50 hour Yin training with Sarah Owen leading to her yin-style classes being a combination of breath & body awareness.

Justyna gets bored easily so she likes to keep learning new things, this year she was mentored by Rua the “movement researcher” from YogaRuka, she attended Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Training with Mother Nurture Yoga, she completed signature YogaBar Define Yoga training and just recently was awarded her Barre Attack certificate.  Her style is collection of mobility, natural movement, elements of Pilates, Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga.  She has great interest in trauma-sensitive yoga hence her approach is very open and welcoming.

Justyna doesn’t know everything but she will be happy to assist you with whatever she does know and hope that she can make you feel good and provide you with tools to keep the momentum going. Justyna cares and always listens, she likes to share her story and to learn about Yours too, so don’t be shy just chat to her anytime.

Yoga Classes

Yoga Fusion – All levels welcome

Yoga Fusion is a balanced, sound and calming practice that incorporates restorative, soothing shapes and dynamic elements to bring your body, mind and spirit into equilibrium.  The class may include but is not  limited to: various breathing techniques, functional movement, mobility, stretch therapy, natural movements, Hatha Yoga, elements of Pilates and minimum 10 min meditation / savasana.  During the session you can expect warm up, higher intensity interval and cool down phase.  This class is design to build endurance, strength, flexibility in a playful and safe way.

Intensity 2-3/5

 Yin Yoga – All levels welcome

This class incorporates mainly seated and lay down poses, some elements of mobility, stretch modality, meditation and breathing techniques.  The focus of this session is to relax, restore and release, become aware of “monkey mind” to sooth the senses and come back “Home” to yourself. A great way to build flexibility, become more mindful and encourage relaxation/stress relief.

Intensity 1-2/5

Prenatal Yoga – All levels welcome
Prenatal Yoga combines the benefits of appropriate strength training and flexibility as well as essential breathing techniques, pelvic floor muscles exercises and meditation. Each session includes warm-ups, mobility, meditation and breathing as well as poses that strengthen and build endurance, cooling down, stretching and Savasana with guided visualization at the the end. This practice may include elements of Yoga, Pilates and Barre
Intensity 2-3/5
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