Addictions, habit’s and Compulsions

sign post, one way, wrong way

I believe that everybody has all the resources required to change any behaviour they need to (normally buried within them).

Hypnosis can help you find those resources and maintain them. This may appear very challenging and can seam nigh on impossible, especially if you’ve made huge efforts already without success. Yet these unsuccessful attempts may have been tried without these essential inner resources being brought to forward. Efforts might also fail because of the subconscious blockages and self sabotaging behaviours, something so often made much easier by having a professional on board. After all, progress can be difficult to see when you are fighting on your own and ‘giving in’ could bring all those familiar rewards back into your life.

Whatever your ‘habit’ though Hypnotherapy can help to weaken it, strengthen you, forge a better path, release you from it’s grasp, and give you the control back.

Hypnosis and Counselling is the way forward:

Hypnotherapy can show you;

1) the benefits of change, increase your motivation and show you step by step how to change
2) the pleasure and pride involved in watching those changes happen
3) a multitude of methods to combat every single obstacle in your way and all potential threats that might undermine your success
4) it can bring to the fore positive energy and strengths you didn’t believe you had in you
5) offer you a clear view into the habit-free future already waiting for you.


End Simple & Complex Habits with Hypnosis and Counselling

Simple habits: bed wetting, shyness & self-consciousness, blushing, bruxism (tooth grinding), , hair pulling, thumb sucking, nail biting, nail and/or skin picking, nervous tic’s and twitches can be tackled with Hypnotherapy and NLP alone.

Addictions and compulsions: smoking, drinking, gambling, compulsive shopping & spending, hoarding can be changed with Hypnotherapy, NLP and Mindfulness-based CBT/Psychotherapy.

Complex habits and addictions: eating disorders / issues, drug addiction, excessive gambling, and self-harm generally involve a larger breakdown of their own particular symptoms, issues and solutions. When well-developed, can be helped with mindfulness-based psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy.

The Lotus Centre has practitioners in Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, and counselling. We are based in Brookvale / Manly / Warringah and servicing the Northern beaches area. We can help you make those lasting changes you desire to live your life to its fullest potential. 

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