Elizabeth Paul

Elizabeth Paul

Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)
Bachelor of Education
Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy

PH:0422 306 679
E: liz@sydneyindividualsandcouplescounselling.com


Over 25 years of experience working with children, teenagers, adults, families and couples to the therapy room.

Liz has passion, talent and vast professional and life experience helping individuals, couples and families; she has also worked with children and their families to overcome developmental and behavioural issues.

Liz has helped many adolescents through problems including suicidal ideation, poor self-esteem, eating disorders, relationship and family problems, self-harming behaviours, anxiety and depression. In addition, Liz has helped individuals and couples who are experiencing difficulties in their relationships and need assistance in regaining trust and patience with their partner, and harmony in their relationship.

As a psychotherapist, mother, wife and former teacher, Liz has great empathy for the challenges facing people today – and enjoys nothing more than to see them ‘graduate’ from her therapy happier, more resilient, and better equipped to reach their life potential.

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