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Parenting after separation

Parenting after separation – the news isn’t all bad! The world of separation and divorce tends to be dominated by horror stories about the impact of separation on children. It’s true that children generally never want their parents to divorce and feel very sad when it happens. It’s also true that there are a lot

VACCINATION – Do I or don’t I?

  There is a lot of debate in the media around immunisation lately and many Mums are asking me what they should do about getting their children vaccinated. It can be very hard to sift through the internet hype and media stories to find enough truth to make an informed decision. Rather than an all-or-nothing

Are we shaming our children?

Robin Grille is a father, psychologist in private practice on the Northern Beaches, an author, and a parenting coach and educator.  I am an avid supporter of Robin’s belief that “humanity’s future is largely dependent on the way we collectively relate to our children”.  This is a huge responsibility for parents today. As I go

Is your family making you sick?

Discover Family Constellations What is a modern family? Families come in very many variations; traditional, single parent, blended, adopted, and same sex parents. Family constellations can work with all of the variations but will always go back to the fact that all of us are born from a mother and a father. These days we

Dreaming of sleep

We don’t actually know very much about sleep – there are lots of us who thought our baby would just sleep without much help from us! I guess there is a lot of focus on – how much sleep your baby needs, knowing your baby’s tired signs; I wish I could tell you that it

Winter-proof your family’s health – building immune resilience

  Fed up of getting sick or having to take time off to look after sick family members? Do you want to break the cycle of re-occurring colds and flu this winter? Does your family need better immune resilience? Find out: The factors effecting immune health what you can do to help prevent colds and

Baby’s & children’s first aid course (for parents)

NEXT WORKSHOP DATE: 2:00pm – 12th March, 2016 To register for future dates please email us directly. This 2.5 hour course is for parents, carer’s, teacher’s or childcare workers. The course is delivered by qualified first aid trainers who are also registered nurses and parents. WHERE: The Lotus Centre – Brookvale FACILITIES: Lots of space on the

Improve your Teen’s resilience & optimism

The importance of optimism and resilience in teens/young people Young people and teens are under more pressure than ever before as our society expects ever-higher levels of connection, perfection, and achievement. Some lucky people are naturally gifted with a greater sense of resilience than others- you can see this in the way they manage themselves

Mindfulness without Meditation

Despite the perception that only a child’s emotions rule their life (as depicted in Pixars new movie Inside Out), your children may already know more about mindfulness than you. Some clients say they don’t know what mindfulness is but they think it has something to do with meditating. Actually, meditation can be helpful but it

Why won’t my baby sleep?

This is a question I often asked my first daughter when she was an infant. I asked it in a sweet voice, I asked it in a pleading voice, I asked it in an angry voice, but no matter how many times I asked, she never gave me the answer! When our babies don’t sleep

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