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A Naturopathic guide to Anxiety

According to large population surveys, up to 33.7% of the population are affected by anxiety disorders at some point during their lifetime. Having a huge burden on our society, anxiety disorders are the most prevalent mental health condition, and often follows a chronic course with strong links to related conditions. ​90% of people who suffer

2 week Sugar Challenge

  Megan Taslaman – Naturopath is presenting this two week sugar challenge Why should I do the challenge? Sugar can cause spikes in blood sugar levels, which can have large, negative impacts on our health. Sugar can cause weight gain and obesity, arterial inflammation, tooth decay, and many other health issues. But the alarming thing

Immune System Resilience

  The common cold is like an annoying invasion of privacy. Infective bugs multiply and swarm to plague our upper chest, throat, sinuses, nose and head. Virus’ mutate readily, and if our immune system is caught off guard, they set up camp and infect our airways which can lead to a secondary bacterial infection, such as congestion in our lungs.  ​ It’s not just about

Designer milk – The A2 debate

What is A2 milk and do we need to drink it? There is some debate about the health benefits of A2 milk and whether A1 milk has a negative health effect. Here is some history and information about the science and business behind it… and my two cents worth about whether we need to drink


    Start the year well and enjoy 20% off all new bookings in January The festive season is behind us, however, our happy indulgences are still with us. You probably had a lovely time filling your body with lots of different treats and hopefully your heart was filled too! Now it’s back to normal

Is your gut leaking away your health & happiness?

Is your GUT influencing your quality of life and happiness?   The health of your gut is involved in symptoms like skin conditions, joint pain, fatigue, depression, food sensitivities, allergies, constipation, migraines and auto-immune diseases. A leaky gut can have a huge influence on your well-being, on your happiness and can cause a multitude of symptoms.

20% off food coaching in December

Ever thought of how much time, money and energy we put into our body (controlling weight, worrying about the food we eat, judging ourselves)……..what if we could shift all this energy into something different in our lives, that you might have withheld yourself from consciously or unconsciously.   Are you ready for change? Don’t use

Redifining your relationship with food

  Are you a chronic dieter? Do you feel obsessed about food? Are you binge eating or overeating? Do you want to know more about how emotional eating is a barrier to reaching and maintaining weight?   “For far too long, we’ve been inundated by negative messages about food, body, weight and diet. We’ve been

‘Feel Better’ mini consultation

  ‘Feel Better’ mini consultation NOW AVAILABLE – for Acute Colds or Flu Naturopath Megan Taslaman Only $35 So picture this….you have a cold or flu and you just want to feel better, get some symptom relief and get your immune system back on track quickly! I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there from time

Redefining your relationship with food

    WHAT IS FUNCTIONAL DIAGNOSTIC NUTRITION?   Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN) provides a systematic and holistic approach that allows clients to rebuild their health. FDN is based on the premise that we are designed to be healthy and feel good, provided we nourish and support our minds and bodies in optimal ways.  Unfortunately, in

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