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Christmas for many is a happy time with good food, parties and family gatherings – or at least that’s the idea! For many people though, the festive season ends up being stressful, resentful and often with deep sadness – along with heightened anxiety, grief or other mental health issues. The pressure of shopping, organising sumptuous

Is fear holding you back?

What is fear? A collection of physical sensations experienced from an emotional response to a perceived threat. The collection of physical sensations we label as fear or anxiety are often labelled as unpleasant signalling an immediate threat of harm, pain or danger. Fear tells us to pay attention, and prepares us for or induces the

The compassionate art and practice of Self Care

  What is Self Care? The art of self-care is deciding to take personal responsibility for your own physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual well-being. Practising self-care is preventative, not selfish. Why is it important? Lack of self-care can lead to a build-up of stress, resentment and dissatisfaction with life. The stress hormone cortisol builds up

The new “selfie”

  It’s Mental Health Awareness week 8th to 14th October for Australia.  Not that it matters when and where given that the internet helps us be aware whichever country we reside. It’s all good though.  A lot of celebrities and Royals are talking about it and allowing “average” Jo or Joe to feel normal and

Retrain your brain for permanent weight reduction 50% off

  Want to lose weight for summer? Tried dieting in the past – but always put weight back on and sometimes more? Discover why food becomes an addiction and why diets don’t work in the long term. Learn how to retrain your brain for permanent weight reduction. SAVE 50% ($251) NOW just $249 Weekly 2 HR

Secrets to a happy for-filling relationship

  I like to talk to my couples about their emotional bank account*.  It’s a way of explaining how happiness ebbs and flows in a relationship. When your partner’s emotional bank account is full, they are usually very happy in your relationship and with you. But when their emotional bank account is getting close to

Have you fallen for a narcissist?

  Have you fallen prey to a narcissistic lover? Jane (not her real name) was reasonably happily married and enjoying a successful career. Unfortunately, all the working-late nights ended up with her having an affair with the big boss (also married). He was exciting and intoxicating… he was her ‘soul mate’. She couldn’t believe that

Ever feel you have a recurring relationship merry-go-round?

Why do some single thirty-something women have recurring relationship problems? Is it their fault… or are they just choosing the wrong partners? Lisa (not her real name) sought therapy after a string of unsatisfactory relationships with men she had met at various functions. The relationships were characterised by the partner controlling every aspect of their

5 Steps to positive change

Happy New Year!  Is it though? Does this picture look familiar?  Every year, the beginning of January tends to put us under pressure to write the traditional list of “New Year’s Resolutions.”  These usually involve tasks to better ourselves; to reset the gage; to change something; to give up something, to do something fulfilling and

Hypnosis – the fast way to retrain your brain

    Hypnosis is known as the fast track therapy because it works within 3-6 sessions rather than over many months or years with other types of therapy. How does it work? The brain operates on different levels of consciousness, ranging from fully alert through asleep, with variations in between. Hypnotic states occur naturally and

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