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The mindful way through uncertainty

Do you have an intolerant to uncertainty? Do you feel apprehensive with the unknown? Are you experiencing stress or anxiety due to the present circumstances? Here are 6 behavioural signs you may have intolerance to uncertainty Procrastination or avoidance. People often put off decisions, or avoid people, places or situations when feeling anxious. Overworking/keeping busy.

Shape your own mind through neuroplasticity

The adult brain remains open to change throughout its lifespan. Most people pay little attention to the flow of thoughts, yet what flows through our mind literally sculpts our brain. Our unconscious mental programs (or thought, feelings and core beleifs) influence the way we think, feel and behave. These mental programs are usually formed in

Mindfulness without Meditation

Despite the perception that only a child’s emotions rule their life (as depicted in Pixars new movie Inside Out), your children may already know more about mindfulness than you. Some clients say they don’t know what mindfulness is but they think it has something to do with meditating. Actually, meditation can be helpful but it

The new happily ever after – secrets of a better relationship

Time to clear out tired myths that get in the way of connection, nourishment and aliveness in contemporary relationships to make way for a new style of relating We all want relationship.  We all seek to be with others. Neurobiology is able to demonstrate very clearly that we are wired this way. Relationships make us

From Being Stuck to Creative Change

DO YOU FEEL STUCK?   Does life feel like a treadmill where no matter how long you walk and how hard you try you don’t feel like you are getting anywhere?   Do you feel stuck in a reoccurring and frustrating patterns in your relationships?   Do you find that even though you have good

Conscious Women’s Circle

We want to create a new group where women meet every month to support one another’s growth in consciousness. Conscious women’s circle is about raising self awareness, supporting the emerging empowerment process, learning and development, and connecting with like minded women. We will meet monthly to meditate, and check in with each other. There will

7 compelling reasons to meditate!

Would you like to find an effective way to stay calm and centred in stressful situations instead of being hijacked by your emotions? Would you like to understand yourself better? Meditation is excellent for reducing stress levels and enhancing your mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Here are 7 compelling reasons for bringing meditation into your

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