Alex Nicol

Alex Nicol



Counsellor and Psychotherapist

Group facilitator

PH: 0424 529 200



Alex worked for four years at one of Australia’s Leading Treatment Centre’s (South Pacific Private Hospital) on the northern beaches of Sydney.

Alex has supported hundreds of people through various stages of recovery from Addiction, Anxiety, Depression and a range of disorders, trauma and abuse in a group setting.

His main focus now is working one on one with clients. Working alongside clients to support and guide through all that life can throw their way.

In Alex’s own words:

I firmly believe that we all experience the world by having some kind of relationship with our surroundings; we see, hear, touch and sense our way through this world. When we get upset about things that go on around us, how do we then keep going and not live in a world of regret, upset and anger? With me you will be able to practice seeing things around you from a different perspective and so be in a much stronger position to make more informed choices about what you do or don’t do. Being in a relationship with someone in a safe environment you can experiment with different ways of doing things hopefully to achieve a different outcome. Thereby hopefully learning new ways of managing your current relationships.

I specialize in working with Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorders, Anger managements, stress management; Relationship challenges Addictions, Recovery and many more.

Many clients report an increased vitality, greater clarity and improved health and sense of peace and calm. I can assist with managing addictive tendencies, uncovering/rediscovering your life purpose, and your ability to create change. I can help you build skills to cope with changes around and within you, freedom from anxiety, relief from depression and improved relationships with others. 

Call me on 0424 529 200 and I will be happy to talk with you. I use a variety of modalities including: Counselling, Psychotherapy, Relationship counselling, Family therapy, Life Coaching / Mentoring.

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