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Immune System Resilience

  The common cold is like an annoying invasion of privacy. Infective bugs multiply and swarm to plague our upper chest, throat, sinuses, nose and head. Virus’ mutate readily, and if our immune system is caught off guard, they set up camp and infect our airways which can lead to a secondary bacterial infection, such as congestion in our lungs.  ​ It’s not just about

Nourishing Vegetable & Lentil Winter Stew

This root vegetable, artichoke, mushroom, and puy lentil stew is a great, inexpensive, low calorie, and high fibre meal that is nutrient dense, and warming for winter. Lentils are protein and fibre rich, with good levels of B vitamins, iron, and zinc. Lentils are a great medium to house many varieties of vegetables, and are

Secrets to a happy for-filling relationship

  I like to talk to my couples about their emotional bank account*.  It’s a way of explaining how happiness ebbs and flows in a relationship. When your partner’s emotional bank account is full, they are usually very happy in your relationship and with you. But when their emotional bank account is getting close to

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