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The Sacred Garden – Our Subconscious Mind

  From the ancient writings in humanity’s oldest texts, the Vedas, to modern psychology, the subconscious mind holds to the key to understanding the nature of our true being. This Sacred Garden located within each of us, provides a portal to connect with our own source energy – and also presents the possibilty to connect

What is Vibrational Medicine or Energy Healing?

Vibrational Medicine Healing Mind, Body and Spirit The law of nature that states nothing is solid, everything has a vibration. Everything is made up of atoms and quantum physics tells us that all atoms are behaving as both a wave and a particle as they are in constant motion. These atoms appear as a solid,

Redifining your relationship with food

  Are you a chronic dieter? Do you feel obsessed about food? Are you binge eating or overeating? Do you want to know more about how emotional eating is a barrier to reaching and maintaining weight?   “For far too long, we’ve been inundated by negative messages about food, body, weight and diet. We’ve been

NEW Moon Manifesting Circle

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION Purpose The group is more powerful than the individual – when people gather with a united purpose the energy created is tripled. The purpose  is to set aside a time to reflect on and spend time on our personal, professional or spiritual growth. You create your opportunities by asking for them. This workshop is

Oatmeal and Currant Jelly Slice

Oatmeal and Currant Jelly Slice    Naughty but nice, this spring time treat is sure to please even the vegetarians and vegans!  Packed with goodness using the old favourite rolled oats, it is a sweet slice with no added sugar that’s perfect as a snack on the run or before or after exercise. It makes a

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