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Thai Chicken Patties with Hot & Sour Sauce

Image credit: Thai Chicken Patties Do you fancy an easy BBQ recipe that will tantalise the taste buds? Asian cooking doesn’t have to be complicated to get amazing flavours. These little beauties can even be prepared before the guests arrive to give you more time to socialize. Makes enough for 4 main serves. 500gm

The hidden truth about SUGAR

The parallels between sugar consumption and the ‘western’ lifestyle diseases such as metabolic syndrome and obesity are too obvious to ignore. Disease has reached epidemic proportions in both developed and developing countries and sugar is a major player. It’s the long term health consequences that are quite alarming…so the informed choices you make now will

Baby’s & children’s first aid course (for parents)

NEXT WORKSHOP DATE: 2:00pm – 12th March, 2016 To register for future dates please email us directly. This 2.5 hour course is for parents, carer’s, teacher’s or childcare workers. The course is delivered by qualified first aid trainers who are also registered nurses and parents. WHERE: The Lotus Centre – Brookvale FACILITIES: Lots of space on the

Surviving the Affair

By Liz Paul If your partner has an affair you will no doubt feel betrayed.  You will feel hurt.  And confused. And you will torture yourself thinking about how someone you love had secret moments with someone else.  And how they lied to you so easily so they could conceal their affair. You may even

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