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Chakra & Energy Healing guide

  What is Energy Healing? Energy healing is found in all ancient cultures throughout the world. It is a non-invasive gentle, holistic therapy that encompasses the whole body, mind, and spirit. Energy healing taps into the universal life force energy that flows through every living thing in the universe which is known as Prana (India), Chi

Health & Wellness Professional Networking Events

Are you in the health & wellness industry? Want to network with us at the Lotus Centre and other like-minded professionals? Want to establish a connection for cross referrals, learning and growing business? Networking events will rotate days and times so most people can attend from breakfast to evenings and Tues, Weds, Thurs. See listed

Retrain your anxious brain

  3 steps to reset the anxiety response and re-wire the brain Step 1. Understanding your brain: Understanding yourself, and responding with acceptance and compassion instead of fear and dread is the first step. Often when we have an anxiety response over something we feel isn’t logical, or rational – we don’t understand it, but

All about juicing for health

The New Year festivities are now over for most of us. How did you hold up? Are you now thinking about getting back on track with your diet, cleansing your system of toxins, dropping a few kilos and/or wanting to feel vital and healthy again? Many people look for a fast result and consider substituting food with

Linda’s Delicious Detox Juice Recipe

  This recipe is a great liver detox juice – perfect for post holiday and party season. There’s no doubt how good you feel after juice cleansing. Three days in and you’ll be feeling better with more energy, great sleep, glowing skin, no more sugar cravings…the list goes on. Juice Cleanses and fasts are of course, nothing

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