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Why won’t my baby sleep?

This is a question I often asked my first daughter when she was an infant. I asked it in a sweet voice, I asked it in a pleading voice, I asked it in an angry voice, but no matter how many times I asked, she never gave me the answer! When our babies don’t sleep

How to avoid Adrenal burnout?

Adrenal exhaustion is a term applied to body and mind burn out! Your body won’t work, and your mind has turned to mush! The adrenal glands are located on top of your kidneys, and have a huge job in maintaining levels of various hormones including cortisol. Cortisol and adrenalin are the hormones to deal with

Healing Trauma

5 ways to help yourself manage trauma triggers Hands clammy, heart pumping, Susan froze; the familiar nausea and bile rose in her throat as the blond man’s blue eyes stared at her. She slapped at a hand that had touched her arm. “Susan, are you OK?” The hand stayed – it felt different, comforting, rather than

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