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Is there really SEX after 40?

Intimacy, relationships and feeling hot without the flush! Do we sexpire after 40? Is there a certain age we reach and suddenly hot, intimate uninhibited sex is but a distant memory. Or are you yet to experience the carnal highs that come (sic) with great sex. Sex throughout our lifespan is an intricate and challenging

An eating disorder’s affect the whole family

What is an eating disorder? Increased media exposure to the notion that ‘beauty’ means ‘thin’ has heralded an increase in body image issues and eating disorders. The idea that being ‘thin’ will deliver the happiness and contentment that so many young people are missing in their lives drives the attainment of unrealistic ideas of beauty.

Why Gut Health Matters

“All disease begins in the gut” said Hippocrates 2000 years ago and he was right. We are only now coming to understand the complexity of digestive processes and their role in keeping the body healthy. Recent research has revealed that good gut health is critical to overall health. When digestion is chronically upset it impacts

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